Update on Xbox 360 EU:

So, let me first explain a bit of what has been going on with our EU environments lately. We have been moving server hardware for our EU environments, for both Defiance and Defiance 2050. This is a careful and risk filled endeavor, and it takes quite a lot of time to do, hence the extended 6 hour + downtimes we have been posting.

We have already completed the move for Defiance 2050 hardware, and attempted to move the D13 hardware last week, but failed to do so and had to reschedule the move to today. Our D13 PC- EU and PS3- EU hardware has been successfully moved and those environments are back up and running with no issues (you may even notice more stability on those environments, after being moved).

For Xbox 360 EU we have run into an issue that is very unique, and unique to that environment only. Unfortunately, "unique" translates into we need more time. That being said, and we very much hate to do this, we will be keeping Xbox 360 - EU environment down and locked until we are able to implement the solution needed to get the environment back up and running correctly.

I do not have a time estimate, at this moment, as to when that will be, but I will be keeping you all regularly updated. Let me apologize profusely for any inconvenience this may cause our Xbox 360 - EU players and I promise I will keep you all updated as I get information in. Thank you all, once again and I wish you all happy hunting, Arhunters!

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Ark Hunters!

The time has come! The time for Event Horizon to begin!

But first, there will be a downtime of about 2 hours which will start at 10 AM PT (7 PM CST)

We will update you if we need more time or when we come back online earlier.

The Defiance Team

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Good evening, Arkhunters

We are aware of the issues with logging into Xbox 360-US/EU and are working on it now. We will update as soon as we have more information.

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Defiance 2050 Valor Program

March 8, 2018 | Etaew | Viewed 2,114 times | Defiance 2050,

Play Defiance now and earn Valor rewards for Defiance 2050!


Defiance 2050 Valor Program

Defiance 2050 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this summer, and we are introducing the Valor Program to show our appreciation to original Defiance players! With the Valor Program, players looking to continue the fight from Defiance to Defiance 2050 will have access to exclusive rewards. The Defiance 2050 Valor Program introduces a new currency called Valor Commendations that can be earned in original Defiance, adding a way to keep unique titles and specific account upgrades.

  • Valor Commendations – Valor Commendations are a new currency in Defiance 2050 that can be used to unlock special cosmetics and character boosts. Defiance players will be able to earn Valor Commendations by completing Pursuits (Defiance’s version of achievements) in game.
  • Unique Titles – Defiance players who have previously earned unique titles such as “Old School” will be able to transfer those titles over to Defiance 2050.
  • Account Upgrades – Account based upgrades such as character or loadout slots will be transferable to Defiance 2050 through the Valor Program.

Valor Commendations

Let’s dig a little deeper into the Valor Commendations system. Valor Commendations can be earned by completing in-game Pursuits (achievements) or by making purchases in Defiance prior to the launch of Defiance 2050. All purchases in Defiance, including those made prior to the announce of Defiance 2050, will earn Valor Commendations. The amount of Valor Commendations awarded from Pursuits will be based on the EGO rating of the Pursuit. Any Pursuits that don’t currently have an EGO rating will have EGO added to them before Defiance 2050 launches, which means all Pursuits will provide Valor Commendations.

The Defiance team is adding new Pursuits this Friday (March 9) with a new “Road to 2050” Pursuit category. For players who have the majority of the current Pursuits completed, we’ve got you covered with new ways to gain Valor Commendations! Hunt down and kill a variety of enemies to achieve more EGO and ultimately more Valor for Defiance 2050. 

In Defiance 2050, we plan to offer special cosmetics such as outfits, titles, character boosts, and vehicle skins for purchase with Valor Commendations. For example, the Red VBI Infiltrator outfit (see image above) is just one of many exclusive rewards you can unlock. Since these are rewards for the players of Defiance, we want to hear from you Ark Hunters! Head over to our official forums and let us know your thoughts on the kinds of rewards you would like to spend your Valor Commendations on. The Defiance team wants to ensure the current players are rewarded for their efforts and we hope to see them continue the fight in Defiance 2050.

As we get closer to the launch of Defiance 2050, we will announce a cutoff date for Valor Commendations being earned in Defiance. Pursuits and purchases made after that cutoff point will no longer grant Valor Commendations. The character on your original Defiance account with the highest EGO from Pursuits at the designated cutoff date will have their Pursuit EGO score converted into Valor Commendations for Defiance 2050.


Unique Title Transfer

Let’s kick it “Old School” and discuss what will happen with some of the unique title rewards that you have earned in Defiance. There are a few rare titles that were earned by Defiance players and we want to ensure they can have them in Defiance 2050. Defiance 2050 plans to include titles like “6k in My Day”, “Daredevil”, and “Old School” along with many others, please let us know what titles are important to you and discuss on the forums.


Account Upgrade Transfers

With the exciting changes coming to Defiance 2050, many of the items and systems from Defiance will no longer be applicable. That said, we want to make sure Defiance players are able to keep the account upgrades that will still exist for Defiance 2050. Any account-based unlocks of character slots and loadout slots will be transferable to Defiance 2050 via the Valor Program.


We are excited to share the Valor Program with you all and for any questions please see our Valor FAQ forum post and let us know your thoughts on the official Defiance forums, Facebook, and Twitter!

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