Update on Xbox 360 EU:

So, let me first explain a bit of what has been going on with our EU environments lately. We have been moving server hardware for our EU environments, for both Defiance and Defiance 2050. This is a careful and risk filled endeavor, and it takes quite a lot of time to do, hence the extended 6 hour + downtimes we have been posting.

We have already completed the move for Defiance 2050 hardware, and attempted to move the D13 hardware last week, but failed to do so and had to reschedule the move to today. Our D13 PC- EU and PS3- EU hardware has been successfully moved and those environments are back up and running with no issues (you may even notice more stability on those environments, after being moved).

For Xbox 360 EU we have run into an issue that is very unique, and unique to that environment only. Unfortunately, "unique" translates into we need more time. That being said, and we very much hate to do this, we will be keeping Xbox 360 - EU environment down and locked until we are able to implement the solution needed to get the environment back up and running correctly.

I do not have a time estimate, at this moment, as to when that will be, but I will be keeping you all regularly updated. Let me apologize profusely for any inconvenience this may cause our Xbox 360 - EU players and I promise I will keep you all updated as I get information in. Thank you all, once again and I wish you all happy hunting, Arhunters!

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Ark Hunters!

The time has come! The time for Event Horizon to begin!

But first, there will be a downtime of about 2 hours which will start at 10 AM PT (7 PM CST)

We will update you if we need more time or when we come back online earlier.

The Defiance Team

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Good evening, Arkhunters

We are aware of the issues with logging into Xbox 360-US/EU and are working on it now. We will update as soon as we have more information.

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Defiance 2050 - Valor FAQ

March 8, 2018 | Etaew | Viewed 5,525 times | Defiance 2050,

Frequently asked questions about the Defiance 2050 - Valor System.

Source: http://forums.defiance.com/showthread.php?296892-Defiance-2050-Valor-Program-FAQ 

What is the Valor Program?

The Valor Program is a system that Defiance players can use to transfer some select progress from Defiance to Defiance 2050. There are three main components of the Valor Program:

  • Defiance players will be able to earn Valor Commendations. Valor Commendations are a new currency in Defiance 2050 that can be used to unlock special cosmetics and character boosts.
  • Defiance Players who have previously earned unique titles such as “6k in My Day”, “Daredevil”, and “Old School” will be able to transfer those titles over to Defiance 2050.
  • Account based upgrades will be transferable to Defiance 2050.

Can I transfer my character or items to Defiance 2050?

While Defiance players will be able to earn Valor for Defiance 2050, substantial changes in progression, mission structure, and the game’s economy prevent the transferring of characters and items between the original game and Defiance 2050. 

How do Valor Commendations work?

Defiance players can earn Valor Commendations by their purchases made and completing Pursuits (achievements) in original Defiance. The character on your original Defiance account with the highest EGO from Pursuits at the designated cutoff date will have their Pursuit EGO score converted into Valor Commendations for Defiance 2050. In Defiance 2050, we plan to offer special cosmetics such as costumes, titles, and vehicle skins for purchase with Valor Commendations along with character boosts.

Will my Valor Commendations carry over to a different platform (Ex: Xbox 360 to PS4)?

Yes! While each account can only send Valor to one account and each account can only receive Valor from one account you can mix and match the systems those accounts are on. For example, if you played on Xbox 360 but now have a PS4 that’s great! You can use the Valor program to send the Valor you earned from your Xbox 360 account to your PS4 account. You will need to first link both of those accounts to the same Trion Worlds account if you have not already done so.

If I have multiple Defiance characters, how will my Valor be awarded in Defiance 2050?

Whichever your highest EGO level from Pursuits is on a character plus your purchases made on your account will be converted into Valor Commendations. If you have completed all Pursuits on multiple characters, Valor will still only be converted from a single highest character. In upcoming updates, we are adding more Pursuits to Defiance so players can achieve an even higher EGO. 

How can I tell how many Valor Commendations I have earned?

Valor Commendation totals will not be visible until after the total Valor cutoff. The number of Valor Commendations’ earned will be based on your EGO from Pursuits and purchases you have made in Defiance up to the total Valor cut off.

Can I keep some of my in-game titles from Defiance?

Yes, some select titles earned by Defiance players will be transferred over to Defiance 2050. The exact titles that will be eligible are still up for discussion, please post of the forums if you have titles you would like to see make the cut.

What account based upgrades will be transferred to Defiance 2050?

Specifically character slots and loadout slots purchased on Defiance before the total Valor cutoff date will transfer over to Defiance 2050. 

What is the total Valor cutoff?

The total Valor cutoff is the date when Valor will begin to be calculated. After that point Valor Commendations can no longer be earned. Purchases and Pursuits completed after the total Valor cutoff will not grant Valor Commendations.

When is the total Valor cutoff?

The total Valor cutoff will be around a week prior to the launch of Defiance 2050. The exact date will be posted on the official forums and social media when it has been announced.

How do I claim my Valor?

Exact details on how to claim Valor will be announced closer to the total Valor cutoff. Valor will only be claimable after the cutoff.

Can I transfer my Valor Commendations to one account and my Titles or Account Upgrades to another?

No, the Valor Program transfer is an all or nothing deal. When you choose to transfer your Valor you are choosing to transfer your Valor Commendations, any unique titles you may have earned, and any account upgrades all at once.

How do I earn the titles that are eligible to transfer?

If you don’t already have them, it is too late. Those titles were given to players who reached difficult milestones before they were made obsolete or invalid.

How can I spend my Valor Commendations?

Exact details on how to spend Valor Commendations will be announced closer to the Defiance 2050 Launch. Valor Commendations will only be spendable in Defiance 2050.

Looking for more answers? Watch our livestreams, forums and social media for more information! Reply back to our forum post to let us know your additional questions.


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Number6 (PC-NA)

How is that Trion's fault at all?  How long do you reasonably expect an online game that isn't called "World of Warcraft" to survive?  Why in the hell would you spend that much money on a single game?  Come now, be reasonable, people.

1 year ago

Sad But True

Not at all happy about this, as being a defiance supporter and player for 5.5 years. And all I get is defiance's death sentence proclaimed by 2050 and I have to buy my stuff over from it to 2050.

Now the real kicker here is that I maxed out two 10K limit credit cards on defiance and on my third card I am getting close to 30K US Dollars Spent.

If anything I have learned you CAN NOT TRUST Trion, they are vague and sneaky and twist the truth to suit thier purpose.

1 year ago