D2050 Patch Notes - 7/11/18

July 11, 2018 | Etaew | Viewed 1,080 times | Patch,

Thanks for joining us for launch and for all your bug reports Ark Hunters! We're squishing bugs and hellbugs together. Here's a small update as we continue to work on numerous issues and connection problems players are experiencing across all platforms.

This update will go live in EU at 9:00PM PT (7/11) and NA at 10:30PM PT (7/11)

Patch Notes:
  • You can now pick up the Ammo dropped by the Raiders during Hotshot: Moonshine Shack. Aim for that high score!
  • Turrets in sieges now cost scrip to upgrade and repair.
  • Increased the health of destroyable Arkfall Crystals so they don't explode after being sneezed on and end the Arkfall before anyone else can even get there.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing miniguns with 0 ammo to show up in the tutorial
  • Minigun in the tutorial now auto-equips
  • Fixed a bug that was causing vehicles to deal extreme damage to all enemies. They now operate as they should - run over small enemies, but don't hit those Monarchs!
  • Vehicles are no longer indestructible

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