Defiance 2050 PTS Server

September 24, 2018 | Etaew | Viewed 2,579 times | Patch,

Good afternoon, Arkhunters!

The Defiance 2050 PTS server is now up and running. Patch Notes are as follows:


Greater Arkfalls will now generate more mobs, with scaling number and difficulty, dependent upon how fast previous mobs are cleared/killed.

PTS Vendor:

The PTS Vendor is found right outside of the tutorial area. The vendor is intended to allow players to level up quickly, and unlock everything needed to be able to help test changes and updates.

There are three items which are currently missing correct text descriptions. Their details are as follows:

47158_STRING_MISSING - Purchasing this will grant your character experience.

47159_STRING_MISSING - Purchasing this box will grant your character Key Code Capacity, Access to All Classes, Inventory Expansions, Cerulean Cores, etc.

47176_STRING_MISSING - Purchasing this will grant your character Enhancement Catalysts.

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Where is lock box on 2050?

5 years ago