Trouble in paradise patch notes - 10/15/2018

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The Grid have arrived in Paradise! Learn about these fearsome new foes with an all new mission chain that will take you on a journey to discover how these new foes came to be, and begin Ark Hunters down a path to defeat them.
These new missions also come with new data recorders, pursuits, and rewards for completion!

The Crusaders have come to paradise to help slay the Grid threat. Unlock the all new Crusader class, and smash your enemies with Hammer time, or call down a Meteor from the Ark Belt to obliterate everything in your path.
  • The new Crusader class can be purchased from the Defiance store (along with an exclusive, limited time outfit), or from the Hunter Commendations vendor with in-game currency
  • Level this new bruising class, meant for up close and personal combat
  • Complete the Grid mission storyline to earn additional currency to purchase the class!
  • All players who purchased the Ultimate Pack will have the Crusader Class immediately

As the Grid threat ramps up, so too do the Arkfalls in Paradise. Both Major and Minor Arkfalls have gone through some significant changes, now working off of a wave system where enemies will spawn based on how quickly you can take down a previous wave.
  • More and more enemies will spawn the faster you can take them down
  • Complete each wave in time to progress to the next. The more players around, the more enemies you can take down!
  • See how many waves you can take down before the end of the Arkfall!

Scaling has been slightly altered to allow for higher power rating players to deal more damage the larger the gap between them and their enemy is. Higher power rating players will notice a substantial difference in damage when fighting enemies that are much lower power rating than them.

Look sharp while you demolish the new Grid threat. A weapon skin system has been added next to the appearance menu in the loadout screen. These weapon skins can be collected in game, or purchased through the Defiance store
  • Once you have collected a weapon skin for a specific weapon base, it is permanent and can be added to any matching weapon type
  • Change and view the look of your weapon at any time!
  • Limited time weapon skins are released for this update:
  • Special Halloween themed skin “The Butcher” will be here during Hulker Hell. Some rare versions of these skins will also glow!
  • Added a vendor that sells specific weapon skins for Shards, which can be obtained from duplicate weapon skins
  • Added alternate color outfits for the Crusader and Demolitionist classes to the Hunter Commendations vendor. You must have purchased the Crusader or Demolitionist pack in order to be able to purchase these outfits.
    • Special Grid skins have been released for the Trouble in Paradise update. Collect these special Grid variants for your favourite weapons!
    • Limited time Ammo mods have been added to the Defiance store that will give your weapons a blood splatter effect when they shoot!

Hulker Hell is back and better than ever. For 3 weeks, participate in Hulker Hell arkfalls to reap special, limited time rewards
  • Plaguers and Hulkers have invaded paradise. A new Major and Minor arkfall variant have been added. Take down these monstrosities before they consume Paradise!
  • Complete arkfalls for special Hulker Hell only rewards, including 3 brand new prototypes that will only drop from Hulker Hell Arkfalls
  • A new reputation vendor has been added: Paradise. Complete daily and weekly contracts to obtain reputation to directly purchase special Hulker Hell rewards, including prototypes and weapon skins!

Besides Hulker Hell, 3 additional prototypes have also been added as drops out in the world and in Instances. Find these new rare weapons before your enemies get their hands on them!

Head to the Defiance store to see new DEALS and boxes
  • A limited time bundle is available while Hulker Hell is active. Get the all new Tricorn outfit, along with an all new hoverbike vehicle and 2 exclusive weapon skins!
  • A limited time Ammo Mod box has been added that provides one of each weapon type Ammo Mods that will contain the new blood splatter effect for your weapons!
  • Weapon skins boxes have been added, which will have a chance for rare, never before seen weapon skin variants

  • Damage over time and other scaled effects should now properly scale with your item rating when equipping new weapons.
  • Fixed incorrectly displayed Power levels for NPCs in Tarr Family: Hidden in Plain Sight and 7th Legion: New Discoveries.
  • The boss at the end of Cronkhite Bunker was looking a little scrawny. Made Daig hit the gym for a bit, and now his health pool is more in line with other bosses.
  • Fixed an incorrect description for the Von Bach contract Hotshot: Desperate Times
  • Fixed an issue causing Von Bach, Soleptor and Top-Notch Contracts to only provide challenge based objectives. More objectives will start showing up as the contracts cycle.
  • Cluster Projectiles should scale properly with adjusted item rating
  • The hidden blade should now have a red tint on the initial summon vfx
  • Fixed an issue where dismantling weapons were not taking variance into account
  • Reduced motherlode boss health substantially, to be in line with other coop bosses.
  • Removed the empty super weapon boxes in Defiant few arenas that caused players to become animation stuck if interacted with.
  • Most items sent to Claimable Items will now be locked to the character that sent them there.
  • Increased NPC shield regen delay to 10s (up from 6s)
  • Increased NPC armor regen delay to 15s (up from 8s)
  • Fix an issue causing NPC armor to not regen completely after delay time
  • Thorn Liro and 7th legion were not granting credit for daily commendation contracts, and Defiant few was not granting credit at all. Fixed reward groups for Thorn Liro and 7th Legion, and fixed objectives for Defiant Few.
  • Also added 2 Forges to Scrapworks final encounter.
  • Increased Semi-auto sniper damage and hip accuracy by 33% and decreased clip size, crit mult, and fire rate
  • Lock on rocket launchers should now show up in the inventory filter
  • Health bars should show up again for bosses at the end of instances and Arkfall bosses
  • Improved messaging around queue failures when missing group members in matchmaking.
  • Change pvp end results screen to use right trigger instead of Y for inspect
  • Equipping melee weapons should no longer change the camera view.
  • Tweaked the timing of the chargeblade spawn to lineup with the vfx/animations better
  • Bonesaw and Gore Auger damage is now in-line with other prototypes, and will now show damage numbers
  • Timers should show up again for major arkfalls
  • Pressing Shift + T on a USB keyboard while in game on PS4 no longer crashes the client
  • Contracts for a faction will now populate the Goals/Contracts tab as soon as you finish the requisite mission.
  • Fixed issue where damage from some abilities weren't being displayed properly.
  • Fix UI bug where some store products were incorrectly displayed as purchasable.
  • Spawned NPCs’ power rating should match player’s power rating (Fix for hatchling grenade damage).
  • Fix an encounter at North Radio Tower from not completing if the player lets the alarm get triggered
  • Added an item rating range for rewards from some lower level side missions
  • Altered Arena based daily and weekly contracts to that they can be completed
  • Fixed the pursuit “Boomstick to the face II” so that it can now be completed
  • Grenades are not purchasable from reputation vendors after reaching rank 8

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