Update 1 - We're back online and ready to play. Thanks, folks!

Happy Halloween, Ark Hunters!

We're bringing all versions of Defiance 2050 offline at 10AM PDT (5PM UTC) on October 31 for a patch to address the issue that causes Ark Keys to disappear.

Downtime should be under 2 hours but we'll update this post when we come back online.


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Hulker Hell Extended

October 26, 2018 | Etaew | Viewed 895 times | Announcement,

Good afternoon, Arkhunters! We will be extending the Hulker Hell event on all platforms/regions. The new date the event will end is now 11/12/2018.

This ensures everyone has a chance to enjoy the event Arkfalls, collect all the event goodies possible and complete contracts they may have missed out on due to bugs and late release on Xbox.

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