Hulker Hell 2019

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Greetings, Ark Hunters!

The Hulker Hell was just unleashed on Paradise!

The diseased plaguers and hulkers comes full of tricks and treats that brings a special delivery of frights to Paradise! Teamwork makes the dream work! So, get your team and dive into the fray and take down these powerful enemies to unlock powerful rewards from these hellish hordes.

Hulker Hell will run from 10/14/2019 to 11/11/2019, this festive event brings new Arkfall rewards, contracts, pursuits, prototype and more!

Get ready for the seasonal celebration that brings both terror and hulker madness. With the newly added pursuit and contracts participate in the event to get inventory slots and a unique title.

Upon completing your daily and weekly contracts you can get your hands to a new prototype available from the Paradise Vendor. The “Ghouls Touch” is a fully automatic SMG scavenged from the depths of a Afflicted Den. Scoring five hits in quick succession overloads your target with Decay, releasing a wave of damage over time in a wide radius.

In anticipation of this momentous event make sure to channel up the all new Monster Mash Synergy Crystals. This set of 6 Synergy Crystals will unlock the full potential of the singularity arriving with the Hulker Hell.

There’s also a new Mod Fusion set that made its way through hell with Cleansing Flames. This Mod Fusion increases your incendiary damage, grants you a stack of Catharsis, causes your weapons to explode on hit and wipe out any hulkers and afflicted out there!

Plus, you can celebrate the spooky season with limited time in-game store items.

Dress your best! The Bucket Knight Costume Pack will be available during the Hulker Hell event on the Defiance store. Purchasing this pack will get you the Bucket Knight Outfit/Headgear, “Torque or Treat” Renegade Van, the “Bucket Knight” Title and One Cleansing Flames Prime Fusion Weapon.

If treat is what you’re looking for, then look no further. The the new Hulker Hell Cache that may bring you a Prime Precision weapon! Grab this cache from The Ex Inanis in Hulker Hell Major Arkfalls, or from the Defiance store for a chance at mod fusion weapons/mods and new synergy crystals.

Last but not least, we want to thank you for your patience during the recent hardware Migration. For the first two weeks of Hulker Hell, we will be turning on XP, Score, and Reputation boosts. This will run from Monday, October 14th to Monday, October 28th. We will also be sending out some compensation packages to all players who have played in the past few months while this has been going on. Expect to see this compensation in the coming weeks.


Will you survive or will you fall and burn? Check out patch notes for more details and share your thoughts on this update with us in this forum thread!



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Yo juego casi siempre y yo no he visto esto del Hulker. 

Es mas ya casi no veo que se produzcan Mayor o minor arkfall

Ya casi es Halloween y tampoco veo nada de decoración al respecto en el juego. 

9 months ago