PS4 SIEA Bits and Class Pack Sale

January 22, 2020 | Etaew | Viewed 950 times | Blog,

Noticed the new pricing on the Defiance 2050 Bits Store? No, it’s not Von Bach’s divergent EGO at work.

For a limited time, we’ve dropped the prices of selected Bits and Class Packs. Now’s your chance to experience your journey in a new role and pick up a pile of Bits!

The following packs will be available from now until February 5:

  • 500 Bit Pack 10% OFF
  • 2300 Bit Pack 15% OFF
  • Starter Class Pack 40% OFF
  • Ultimate Class Pack 40% OFF

Now go and grab yourselves some hot packs before they melt away!

Note: This sale is active only to a PSN accounts registered to one of the SIEA region countries (Americas).

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