D2050/D13 Black Market Operative & Falconer Packs

May 9, 2020 | Etaew | Viewed 1,007 times | Blog,

Dominate the black market, Ark Hunter! From now until May 11, 10:01 AM PDT you can get these fashionable packs.

Set down your guns and find out what’s in the packs below!

Black Market Operative Pack (Defiance 2050)

  • StreetSamurai Outfit
  • Revolutionary Specs
  • “Black Market Operative” Title
  • Black Market Operative RM Nomad V6

Falconer Pack (Defiance)

  • Hot Blast Hatcher
  • Corporate Valentine Outfit
  • Hoverbike – TMW Falcon Red/Black
  • “Falconer” title

These packs are only here for a short time so score yourself some style and fight in fashion!

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