Season 2: Episode 3: Nolan Returns

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The third episode content for Season 3 has arrived with another 3 missions and a pursuit. These missions involve Nolan.

Nolan Returns


Traffic Report

Traffic Report starts from Iron Demon Ranch.

  • Head to Pirate's Cove
  • Take down the Biomen

Tracking the Tracker

Soleptor Account Division Recording

So. Josh Nolan is back in town?

Yeah. He's tracking some Raiders. Slavers.

He got a score lined up?

Can't say for sure, but it doesn't look like it.

I don't care for Nolan walking around a free man, but I care for slavers even less.

Keep an eye on him. See if he has an angle.

If all he's doing is wiping out slavers, then I don't want him getting trouble from us.

Yes, sir. We'll let him go.

Go? No, you misunderstand. If he tries to leave Paradise, you bag him and bring him to me.

He has my property; no one gets away with my property.

Digging Up Miners

Digging up Miners starts near Overland Graveyard.

  • Meet up with Nolan
  • Track the Drill
  • Track the Drill
  • Track the Drill

A Friendly Warning

Paradise Lawkeeper Office Citation Record

We need to talk, Nolan.

Then talk.

You need to slow down.

Nope. Try again.

You're scaring people.

Good. I'm a scary guy.

You scared Rosa.

She's a tough kid, she'll live.

Yeah, but you won't. You treat her like you just did, and she'll put a bullet in you.


You don't get to storm into her shop and make her drop everything for you.

If it were your daughter, you'd do the same.

Irisa's been gone for months. It won't hurt to keep your friends instead of losing them.

You sure of that?

Yeah. Irisa. She's a tough kid, she'll live.

A Miner Cult

A Miner Cult starts near Muir Processing Plant.

  • Head to Mine 99
  • Enter the Mine
  • Free the Captives

Will You Join the Devouring Mother?

Muir Union Memory Core Excerpt

Will you join the devouring mother?

Shit, is that you?

Ha ha ha. No. That's sweet, but no.

I've been chosen for a different task.

Oh good. Because, lady. I'm not too keen on joining with you.


It is time for your test.

Woah! Woah! Is this because of the joining comment? If so, I'm sorry.

The devouring mother seeks her companion.

What the fuck? Ow. Ow. ... Ow.

Actually. Hey. That's not so bad.

Why are you staring at me?

Tell me I'm pretty.

Why now?

I want to hear it before the screaming starts.

Shush. Shus. You're just not the one. There is no shame in that.

My search will continue.

Will you join the devouring mother?

Mine 99



Defiant Few Durango Challenge: Paradise

Defiant Few Durango Challenge: Paradise starts near Tranquility Gate.

Defiant Few Durango Challenge: Madera

Defiant Few Durango Challenge: Madera starts near Happy Pow Farms.

Purchase Durango

The Dodge Durango will be on a Defiant Few merchant during Season 2.


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