Defiance in 2015: From The Rock to the Rockies

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A small overview of what we can expect from Defiance in 2015

Scapes posted a small overview of what we can expect from Defiance in 2015



General improvements

  • Improved gear modding process
  • Improvement to boosts, also a new ammo boost
  • Introduction of Cyber Rigs which can be earned in expeditions
    • Increases your power
    • unlock special abilities


Revamp of Silicon Valley Invasions

  • Clearer objectives
  • Special gear drops
  • Improved enemy behaviour


Ara Shondu and Noah Grant opened up Alcratraz to welcome immigrants to the bay area as ark hunters set out to clear safe spaces for Earthkind habitation.

  • New non-combat area

New Game Mode: Expeditions

  •  Procedurally generated instances that gives you the option to increase your rewards at the chance of losing them if you fail
  • Increased rewards in harder instances are:  Arkforge and Keycodes, new Arktech weapons and gear with unique properties

Planned Events

  • Valentine's Day
  • Armistice Day
  • Season 3 of Defiance

Disclaimer: All of the above is interpreted by us and isn't guaranteed to be 100% accurate although we've done our best to verify it. The features listed above are subject to change and are not set in stone. Bugs may be found which prevent implementations or deadlines might be missed.

Trion will be releasing further blog posts explaining the new features, as well as showing them off in livestreams. We'll also be keeping an eye on the PTS for any new content.


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This sounds good! Defiance really need some new content, and those expeditions would be nice for players who getting tired of the same arkfalls and incursions. I hope the Cyber Rigs will have some EGO requirement, so there will be reason for players to level up, because right now you can get and do everything right from the beginning, there is almost no motivation to reach the EGO cap.

8 years ago