A journey through Cronus

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My journey among the clan Cronus on Pc/ NA. This is to let the majority of people know my reasoning for a sudden departure which I was deprived from, my overall thoughts of the clan, and a hope for change. 

As some of you may know, I made a post on the forums explaining why I was going to leave the clan, and it got shut down for reasons unknown. I carefully went through the CoC violations, felt I didn't break any rules, and it was the only place it belonged on technical terms which was underPC Clans. The forum posts were suggested by about 8 different people, and this idea that I am doing now was suggested by someone who approached me privately, if they wish to be named, I will edit them in. 

Now to firstly clear any negative thoughts anyone may have, this is in no right to bad mouth anyone. This topic should not be perceived as a complaining/whining/ or tantrum like Altras (Founder of Cronus) has told many others. This will be a very in-depth journey through my 9 month adventure in the Clan Cronus. If the founder does not wish for it to be seen, which he has already demonstrated 4 or 5 times now, that speaks volumes about himself as a person and a "leader."

Secondly, for those who don't know who I am, I was an officer in the Clan for about 6 months. And the Clan took a huge blow not too long ago that I was the key factor in fixing. It suffered a mass kick where a group of people gained sudden leadership and kicked everyone in the clan that was under the leader rank. It happened at around 1 AM - 2AM ET time to give you an idea of the time of night it happened. As many know, I posted a thread on the defiance forums letting everyone know what actually happened, and I screenshoted/recorded the entire event, I sat down for 2 hours carefully going through each CoC violation and highlighting every rule that was broken. Later on in the day, I went on the support website and presented the case to the team letting them know what happened and what was broken with all of the screenshots and videos. This is just one thing that should give you an idea of how much I cared about Cronus and demonstrated leadership.

And lastly, this should not be perceived as wanting of compensation for what I've done, and what I mean by that is some things that I will say may come off to many as "Oh he wants to be rewarded for what he's done." Or "Oh, that sounds like all he cares about is the Leader title."

Reminder before you read the journey : This is not a bad mouth of the clan or the founder, my intentions are to strictly make people aware of the events that happened and not to cause harm, and I am not asking for any compensation from Altras or anyone else. As a community, I have the right to voice my opinion and let people know honestly.

My Journey-

I went to Pax Party last year because I was very big in the game rift, and wanted to meet the Dev Team. I had a wonderful time and learned about other games Trion has made like Defiance. In my goody bag upon arriving home, there were two codes. One for Rift and one for Defiance. I got a little duck companion for rift and was bumme dout because I expected it to be a cool mount or something, so I installed defiance to see what the code gave me. And it was a plague blade, which was a sword that had bio nano and a black ghostly color. (Which is now known as a Carving Knife) I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and many people in game were like WOAAAAH and OMG and it gave me a warm feeling in my stomach. In that same day, I met someone by the name of Masath, a leader of cronus.

Masath talked to me about the plague blade and introduced himself and told me about the Clan Cronus, and asked me if I wanted to join. I got a very warm welcome by everyone, and I went into the raidcall they have to speak with Masath and another Leader. The long story short version that comes after is I spent 14 hours a day in raidcall and defiance talking to masath and others and looking up to everything they did as far as hosting events and going into PvP. At the time, only the Officers and Leaders were active in the raidcall, so I heard many of the issues that were apparent at the time and I learned how they dealt with them. 

I sent masath one day a very indepth paragraph telling him how much I enjoyed the community I was in, and how I wanted to become an officer and help out with the clan. It was very sincere and heartfelt (which is what he told me) and told me to send it to Altras. This is the first real conversation I ever had with Altras, and he said "That's great ^.^" And then just told me what the officers do. Ever since then, I did exactly what each officer did at the time, found 4-5 people interested in the clan, searched for arkfalls and things the clan could do together, found warmaster sights. (this is about 7 months ago) And after a month of doing what all the officers did, I was promoted. I felt on top of the world that day, everyone congratulated me and it was one of m highlights of Defiance. 

Shortly after my promotion, Masath went on to a new game and became less and less active to the point where he was tired of defiance and ready to go, so he offered me his best weapon in the game, and told me I would be in his position one day because he could tell by in my voice and how I acted, I really cared for the clan and wanted great things to happen. What he meant by I would be in his position one day, was that I would be the Second in Command. And I say this because Altras uses it against me later on in my journey. So Masath said his goodbyes and left, and ever since he told me that, I set my goal to be a leader of Cronus.

There were hardly any Leaders left that did what Masath did. There were 2 other active leaders, one that only did pvp, another one that was the most lazy leader you could ever imagine because she didn't want to do anything anymore, she lost all desire to invite people to the events and to learn new things. There were a few other leaders online but they were only leaders because of a friendship bond. So in my shoes, I am looking at (not competition but the equals) I have to be like. And for 3 months, I did everything possible a leader could do. I went from Clan to Clan gaining great reputation since many clans hated Cronus because of Altras. I donated weekly DLC on giveaways to the people that needed them, I gave away about 8 jackpot weapons which at the time, there were only two, and I gave away the highest dps and best pvp weapons in the game. When someone said their dream weapon was this, i would do my best to get them it, and I did for a lot of people.

Somewhere in this time frame, Xellia joined Cronus from Evo and got made a leader for helping. And she did everything I did. And as one of the original leaders left the clan, I thought that would be my promotion to a leader. But I got jumped over by someone who is hardly active and hardly did what Xellia and Myself did. So i was pissed, I got jumped twice in leadership by people I did just as much as, and has been in the clan longer, and someone who did no where near the amount of what we did. So I begin to get frustrated and talk to a few people I trusted about how I felt, and I even asked Xellia what I needed to do to become a leader. My friends told me not to worry, it would come, and Xellia told me to continue doing what I was doing. (Which is very ironic if you keep that in mind) (Another Ironic thing to keep in mind is I told one of my friends which is an Officer in cronus i felt untrusted by altras)

So after a month of helping people with personal issues and in game issues and other things, I begin to get tired of seeing people getting promoted to officer while im at this rank i shouldnt have anymore. So I start making it apparent to Altras that I want to be a leader. And I wait and wait a few weeks, and nothing happened. So i send him an email asking him what I did wrong or what I need to fix or any explanation as to why im not a leader. It got ignored. 

He then approached me telling me if I wanted a shot at leader, I would have to merge in a less active and smaller clan. Which I talked a few people in it to join but I couldnt bring the whole clan over. In this time there was a person causing stress to everyone, He was cursing in clan chat and issuing threats to people and harassing a few people to where we had 2-3 people leave the clan over it. I told altras twice about issues I saw, and he said he would handle it, but then I had 5 officers and 15 members approach me with their own issues, thats 20 people with different issues, I told altras i would form them all up and they would tell him, and Altra told me "The best thing I could do is stay on his case" Great leadership right? Its because this guy kissed altras ass that altras didnt want to kick him, he was willing to choose this guy over 20 people in the clan. So I went to Xellia and told her if she doesnt kick this guy out of the clan, im leaving. Because these were 20 people that I had come to me, and I couldnt fix the issue for them. She talked him into leaving the clan on his own goodbye. 

I then start trying to become a leader again and pressuring the fact that I havent gotten an honest answer yet as to why I wasnt a leader. Then the mass kick happened. Someone made an alt, acted like altras, got promoted to leader, and then kicked everyone out of the clan. And as I said earlier, Xellia and Altras were offline. I was the one that told about 100 people online what happened, I made the post on the forums, I presented a case for the person to get banned, I sent altras emails and steam messaged of the SS and videos of what happened. I did everything. I didnt even get a thank you. But that should show among ANYTHING you do in a clan, leadership status. Again, I didnt get promoted. Xellia got made the only leader after the mass kick, and here I was stuck at officer rank with a few people that joined the clan a month ago and they are officers too. The reason why some of them are officers you may ask? Its for 2 reasons. 1 altras favors them or 2. They invited a lower clan or merged them over. 

In that month, I ask for like the 5th time why I wasnt a leader and I finally got a answer. But that answer later turns out to be fake. He told me it was because I kept asking. I never asked for leader, I asked for a reason why I wasnt so I could fix it. I told him I wanted to represent the community. I told him everything I did and all the leaders and how I looked up to them and literally everything I've said already about my goal and the people I helped and how I've done everything Xellia has done and more. He tells me he will make me a leader on the saturdays giveaway.

He misses that saturday, I end up hosting the giveaway for like the 4th time, and the next day, he comes online and I have to message him to see if he knew I hosted it, and he tells me he heard I did good. I didnt get a promotion, or a thank you, or anything. But I didnt ask for it because he told me I kept asking. So i wait the week and eventually I got tired of it. I debated back and forth on leaving and taking a break because I couldn't accomplish my goal and multiple people kept asking me why I wasnt a leader. So the next week he messages me and tells me he is going to make me a temporary leader to see if I can kick someone from the clan. I kicked them, and he told me his demote button wouldnt work. So I am now in "trial week, if I do good, then i remain a leader" 2 days later, xellia tells altras she doesnt think I will make a good leader, so he instantly demotes me from the clan. GG right? He then tells me to talk to xellia and fix the issue so we can move on. Excuse me? You are a founder and you wont tell me why YOU just demoted me for HER issue? GG on leadership right? So I talk to her respectfully and honest, I ask her what was up, and she told me how I ignore clan issues she brings up and how I make fun of them. Which I guess she has no sense of humor for making fun of jokes like calling someone a cheese for using a rocket launcher in pvp. Thats the insults I use. So I use examples of everything I thought she could have been talking about, and tell her she was misguided on a few, I apologized for some and said I couldnt recall others. 20 minutes later, she tells me I spawn kill clanmates and make fun of them in clan chat. Completly ignoring everything I said and all my examples, she just brings up new things. So I was pissed, its clearly a personal thing. Half of it was untrue, half of it was personal. So i message altras and he starts to argue with me, he tells me "Xellia is my 2nd" (remember what I told you to keep in mind?) "I trust her more then anyone else in the game, sorry thats how it is" and "Just get on her good side for ****s sake, its not that hard" So we go from I'll make you a leader this week, to now you are a temporary leader, to now you are in trial leader week because I cant demote you, to the person who has an issue with you that you dont know about and I cant talk to you about it has put a bad word in so now you are demoted, talk to them. 

I get toyed with, I get my emotions twisted, and I get insulted/disrespected by being told "what benefit would it be to have you as a leader" and "its just a title" I take a break, a week goes by, I come back and ask for a demotion. He doesnt respect my choice, and tells me sorry im too proud to have you as an officer to demote you. But its just a title according to you sooooooooooooooooooooooo. Anyways he tells me he doesn't have the energy for the conversation, I leave the clan, demoting myself, and I come back. I was never talked to after that, I was never spoken to. I asked to go into raidcall with him and xellia to talk about the issue, that he avoided several times and never brought it up again. I type up a goodbye message to tell people I am leaving the clan and taking a break because I need to clear my mind, I felt untrusted and unwelcomed. Someone told him that I was going to trash Him and Xellia in it, but it was misinterpreted because I said if I wanted to do harm to the clan, then I would say that. I come online the next day to find my alt and my main removed from the clan, my admin and membership taken away from raidcall, and a message from a member of Altras saying he kicked me because I was a threat to the clan and was conspiring with the people who kicked the whole clan. All I ever wanted was to represent the community I was involved in, I really cared for everyone in it, and this is how I got treated by the founder. I wasn't "worthy" of a talk, I wasn't worthy of an explanation, what I was worthy of was being played and toyed with by a poor founder who doesn't seem to care about the people that cared about him. It is very sad that I know he probably won't even read this, he'll look at it as I'm trying to threaten him, I'm trying to somehow convince people to turn on him, or I wish for harm to be done for the clan which is really sad considering everything I've done for him and his clan. But ultimately what it comes down to is it is his call on who is and isn't allowed in the clan, he felt like I was a threat and he told the clan later on that I wasn't trusted and that is why I was kicked. 

The reason why I have went so indepth into this is because people need to know that I never wanted harm to be done to anyone, and after reading all of this, it is ignorant from Altra's to even think I would want harm done. This is to open the eyes of everyone about the founder and just to simply tell them my experience with him, I was treated like a joke at the end, shown no sympathy or concern, and all I got out of it was a false lie spread about me for it. I hope this opens the leader's eyes in Cronus and makes them realize that it isnt about merging in smaller clans. It's not about having the most members, what it is about is maintaining and controlling the wonderful community that has been made. As a founder or leader, it is your job to explain honest answers when people come to you with concerns, I was never treated with honest answers. People should know that. And I have the right to voice my opinion. 

Again, this is not a bad mouthing of anyone, it is truth and honesty. And sometimes honesty and truth hurts, I have provided examples that demonstrate poor leadership and a multitude of people have agreed. So to sit back on a computer and ignore everything and remove posts and lie to your community is sick and again, poor leadership. And I hope it can change. I tried to be that change, but I couldn't even get talked to, to even voice my opinion. I was kicked before it could happen, and a simple goodbye has turned into one giant unnecessary feud.  

If people have actually read this whole thing, I truly appreciate it. I appreciate everyone that has pushed me to make this post, and I appreciate the clan I was in regardless of how I was treated in the end. I hope im not on this terrible list but it would appear I am, and I hope that can change as well. I don't see any tantrum in this, all I see is a voice of concern. If the only people who can change it wish to ignore it, then that will show by their actions. This is also in no way shape or form to form another argument, and it is not to bring up old issues or cause disputes.

And now, I want to say goodbye to everyone in Cronus. It was a honor and privilege to represent you guys, and to help with whatever it may be that I helped with. I will always be in game to message, I will still love to help and associate with the leaders of the clan still but I have a feeling I will never even be allowed to speak to them in raidcall or in game again. 

View this post as a wake-up call, a tantrum, a betrayal, whatever way you want to look at it, I only want good to come from it. And hopefully it does. I wish things worked out differently. 


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dude what a crock of shit. i knew you from the start of all this and watched it unfold. you basically say you're not shit-talking, but completely start shit-talking for the rest of the story. this post is so completely biased.

we were friends, i had your back, i listened to you go on and on about THIS topic.

not only is this completely petty, but you've clearly made an effort to tear friends apart even long after this post. now when people search 'cronus defiance' they see this bullshit, so you're trying to prevent new friendships from happening.

i wouldn't have said this before but after seeing this, i'm totally glad you weren't ever promoted to leader.


you didn't even mention me, and i had been the clan just as long as you and was THE player to get the attention of Xellia and Altras when the mass kick happened, and you just take credit and use it as a reason to get butthurt???

i can't believe you went so far as to post this long ass story just to literally bad-mouth like you said you wouldn't.

and most if it isn't even true.


god damn dude i thought we were cool but you just went off the deep end just to be a douche.

5 years ago

Well it was a long read, I think you were treated a little unfairly towards the end there, a little bit of backstabbing from what I read too. It's a shame you never got to have an official Leadership role, I hope your next clan treats you better! 

6 years ago

DK Moore

What a journey!

You have every right to voice your opinion, no one should be denied that. The fact that people are trying to silence you, just proves that there is truth in what you have said and people deserve to know it. 

6 years ago

Thank you for sharing this with us Psycrow and I will see you in game as I am pretty sure you are still on my friend list just like others that use to be in clan.

6 years ago