Explosive Hatchling Guns on PTS

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Rashere has previewed new Explosive Hatchling weapons on PTS. They deal explosive damage and spawn parasite bugs. They will be coming during February events.

Source: http://forums.defiance.com/showthread.php?231927-New-Weapons-Coming-to-PTS-Explosive-Hatchling-Guns 

I wanted to give a preview of some new weapon types that will be coming to PTS shortly. I've been calling them Explosive Hatchling weapons and there's 3 currently which will be debuting with the coming February events.

The weapons are a mix of an explosive gun and an infector. They deal explosive damage as a base then the explosives spawn parasite bugs as a follow-up attack. The explosive damage is lower than comparable explosive weapons but the bugs cause the damage done to a single target to be higher.

Here are examples of the three guns:

I'm expecting to have these up on PTS for your use and feedback within the next few days, but early comments are always welcome.


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Arcade Punk PS3-NA

Yet another gun on the PS3 version I play that fuck tards are just going to overprice as they sell because it is brand new and not even close to being a jackpot. This is going to be utter shit but once I get one, at least i can fuck up people in pvp to feel better.

7 years ago