Defiance 3.4: Dark Metamorphosis - Patch Notes

March 2, 2016 | Etaew | Viewed 6,062 times | Patch,

The Dark Metamorphosis update adds new missions, a new single player instance, new pursuits and new arkfalls.

NA: 3/1/16 @ 8:00 AM PST | EU: 3/1/16 @ 4:00 PM GMT



Dark Metamorphosis

The Neo Votanis Front have emerged from hiding, and are utilizing the power of the Shrill to further their dangerous agenda. Travel to Port Bruno, and eventually to the Monterey Peninsula, to stop them if you can!

New Missions

Who are the Neo Votanis Front and what is their connection to the Shrill? Battle through all new missions to learn more!

  • First mission, "Dark Metamorphosis: Dark Shadows" starts in Port Bruno.
  • This mission chain is available to players of all EGO Levels.

New Single Player Instance

Explore the dusty streets of Old Monterey and the secrets they contain upon reaching the end of the Dark Metamorphosis mission chain!

  • Challenge the Neo Votanis Front and Shrill through a single player instance in Monterey. Dig deeper into the secrets of the Shrill with all new cutscenes and story content!

New Pursuits

New pursuits have been added for Dark Metamorphosis. Complete Shrill Slayer 3 for a special reward!


* New Shrill minor arkfalls “Invasive Species” are showing up in Silicon Valley. Defeat the Shrill in time or face the consequences!



  • Increased the base damage of the Berzerker shotgun to be more competitive with other shotguns.
  • All variants of FRC SAWs and VBI Assuault Rifles have had their aim accuracy improved


  • The new Synergy Lockbox, "Miasma: Epidemic Supply Crate" is now available on the Bit Store! It contains the brand new synergy Epidemic, and contains 1 epic or better weapon and 3 mods from rare to legendary (at least 1 epic or better), all with the limited time Epidemic mod synergy!

Epidemic Mod Synergy

  1. +10% Mag
  2. +10% Rate of Fire
  3. +10% Crit
  4. On hit Infect enemies with shrill for 5s increasing damage taken by 7% (Cooldown: 5s) Enemies that die while infected spawn a shrill feeder which will infect targets they attack
  • Weapon types included in the crate:
    • Shrilltech Quick Repeater
    • Shrilltech Assault Rifle
    • Shrilltech SAW
    • Shrilltech Pulser
    • Shrilltech HP-6 Wolfhound
    • Shrilltech Berserker
    • Shrilltech Nano Fragger
  • Lucky individuals may receive the Jackpot weapon “Miasma” HP-6 Wolfhound



  • Lay waste to the Dark Matter and Shrill of Monterey with this new bundle! This limited time pack will contain the following items:
    • Shrilltech Blast Rifle Epic weapon
    • "Shrill Hunter" Outfit and Headgear
    • Vehicle: TMW Hannibal 800R "Shrill Seeker"
    • 30-day Patron Pass
    • Unique Title: 'Shrill Hunter'


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Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

Trion have said it depends on the patch, and what version you are upgrading from. From a fresh disk you might need to update the F2P update first, if you already have that, it'll probably do straight to the current version.

8 years ago


And if it is the latter option in my first comment, how many updates will I have to do?

8 years ago


I also got my XBox 360 when it was released, so I had 11 years worth of games, saves, dlcs, etc. I was so frustrated/sad. 11 years of my life, wasted...

8 years ago


I need help. I had to format my XBox 360, I redownloaded Defiance, I am currently patching it, and I need to know if it patches all the updates in a few patches, or if I have to update them all individually. I need to turn my console off at 9:00-9:30 and it is 7:15 and wouldn't like to restart the updates because I need to turn it off soon. I would like to know REALLY soon, because I haven't played it in a month, because it froze whenever I launched it. Oh and if and when I finish patching, I woulld like to buy a T4 Hallow Point Assault Rifle External Recoil Stock Mod, I will pay good for one, and I will buy a HP AR if no other choice. If you have one, please wait for me to finish patching. My Account is STARKILLER2121, send a message/friend request ,My character is Commander Axton, and my server is XBOX360-NA.

8 years ago

Love the new stuff but I have to say it is Quite frustrating to battle thru the entire instance and then with only the LAST LITTLE THING to do.......lost connection to servers!!!!! Which would not be such a big deal if it didn't REMOVE YOU FROM THE INSTANCE!!!!! So now I have to go thru battling litterally hundreds of dark matter and more AGAIN!!!!! Tell you the truth I'm just not up for it!

8 years ago

ayuda no puedo entrar al juego ni actualizarlo alguna solucion gracias por favor

8 years ago