Shill for Soleptor II Pursuit

Many believe Varus to be nothing but a modern day robber baron, but without his investments, Paradise would not exist.

This pursuit is for Defiance Classic.

  • 15 EGO Rating

Defiance 2050 Pursuit

Shill for Soleptor II


  • Complete 50 daily contracts for Soleptor Enterprises (50)
  • Complete 8 weekly contracts for Soleptor Enterprises (8)
  • Reach Honored status with Soleptor Enterprises
  • Earn a silver medal in "Hotshot: Dam Defense"
  • Earn a silver medal in "Hotshot: Bolinas Sniper"
  • Earn a silver medal in "Rampage: Minigun Mayhem"


  • 15 Pursuit Rating
  • Enforcer Title
  • Badlands Crime Lord Outfit

Pursuit: Factions - Soleptor Enterprises


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