Touring Madera Pursuit

Rual Madera is a settled territory in the Bay Area where hope and prosperity reign. However, it has recently been overrun by new world bandits called Raiders.

This pursuit is for Defiance Classic.

  • 40 EGO Rating
  • Scourge of San Quentin Title
  • Raider Thug Headgear
  • Raider Thug Outfit

Defiance 2050 Pursuit

Touring Madera


  • Complete the Madera Exploration pursuit
  • Complete the Madera Exploration II pursuit
  • Complete the Madera Exploration III pursuit
  • Complete the Madera Exploration IV pursuit
  • Complete the Establishing Paradise pursuit


  • 15 Pursuit Rating
  • 15 Ark Hunter Bounties
  • M212 Demon Pistols

Pursuit: Zones - Madera


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