Bridges of Marin Pursuit

"Jek! If you want me to reinforce every bridge in Marin, you'll not only pay me a pile of scrip, but also supply an army to keep me from getting fragged." - Rosa Rodriguez, Top-Notch Toolworks

This pursuit is for Defiance Classic.

  • Cross all 14 bridges in Marin
  • 5 EGO Rating


Below map is thanks to Ryker Vorton - Source




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14 bridges of marin duction 8 years ago

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GM Domitasia: 14 Bridges

7 years ago (May 14, 2014, 2:52 pm)

Sorry about the difficulties you have had with the Pursuit Bridges of Marin. We have seen difficulties reported with other Pursuits. We could definitely use additional reports from others seeing...


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