Annihilate Angel Island Pursuit

Settlers of Paradise have been avoiding Angel Island after numerous visitors to the island never returned. Why they haven’t is still unknown.

This pursuit is for Defiance 2050.

  • Locate all of the data recorders (3)
  • Defeat the Monarch in under 2 minutes
  • Defeat the Matron in under 3 minutes
  • Kill a total of 100 hellbugs in Island of Lost Soldiers (100)
  • Complete "Island of Lost Soldiers"
  • 15 Pursuit Rating
  • Psychopath Title
  • 15 Ark Hunter Bounties

Original Defiance Pursuit

Annihilate Angel Island



  • 15 EGO Rating
  • Psychopath Title
  • Bug Oil Mechanic Headgear
  • Bug Oil Mechanic Outfit

Pursuit: Season One - Co-op Maps


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