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Plays as:

  • Sean Miller: 836 (PC-NA)
  • Bryan Henry: 803 (PC-NA)

Well, as far as Real Life: I'm a full-time computer science student and former (US) Marine Corps mortarman. I live in Torrance, California, and was born at Camp Lester, Okinawa, where my father actually met my mother, while serving the Corps himself, in 1979 (if you must know my age =P). I like history, the military, computers, foreign languages (I speak German and Japanese fluently, a little Arabic and Punjabi, and am studying Latin and Biblical Hebrew), drawing, anime/manga and of course am a hardcore gamer, currently specializing in Ark Hunting and in my off-time helping to save Telara, Sanctuary, Azeroth and several other worlds (I'm a busy guy, what can I tell you xP), which brings me to my . . .

Life as a (Newbie) Arker:

My main character is Sean Miller, a 32-year-old Veteran (Overcharge & Blur) rifleman in the Earth Republic Marine Corps and proud member of The Defiant Few, if not card-carrying, at least by association, having fought in the Pale Wars and significantly, in the Battle of Defiance. Like many veterans, he's an adreno-addict who loves the thrill, and is also a strong advocate of Votan and Human peaceful co-existence.