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Crystal Pond (Supplies)

This vendor is of type Supplies and is found at Crystal Pond in Marin.

You may have to kill some enemies in the area before the NPC comes out of the door.

This vendor is hidden and can not currently be found in the game, it may be part of a special event.



This vendor sells 6 items.

This vendor shares the same store list as x

Item Description Price

Dodge Challenger RT Hemi Orange

Fastest roller on the roads of the New Frontier, strong levels of speed and speed when boosting


TMW Hannibal 800R Orange

Average durability runner focused more heavily on boost speeds and boost regeneration


Frontier Revolver

Very slow firing pistol that does heavy damage per shot


Heavy Rocket Pod

Fires a single rocket that detonates on impact spreading movement hindering biological goo on effected targets


Votan Pulser

Fully automatic weapon accentuating mobility and the ability to fire on the move



A title viewable by other players that displays by your name




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Just a heads up: I just visited this vendor and bought the Challenger. So this one is actually not tied to any event like the other Dodge vendor is.

8 years ago