Banshee (Sub Machine Guns) Weapon

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Increased rate of fire and recoil increase damage potential but also skill required to use effectively


Armistice 2017

Fixed Rolls

Rarity Legendary
Nano-Effect Radiation
  • x1.15 Mag
  • x1.15 Crit Mult
  • x1.10 Fire Rate
  • x0.80 Reload
  • x1.12 DMG
Additional (Jackpot Bonus)
  • 5% Crit
  • 5% Reload
  • 5% Damage
  • 5% Recoil
  • 5% Mag

Attaching mods to your weapon will adjust the appearance of those areas.


Important Note: These stats are not 100% confirmed, they may need to be adjusted based on bonus rolls or mods. Especially the DMG values, since Power Rating and Rarity now affect them.

Possible Masteries

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Possible Bonus Rolls

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