Defiance 2050


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Sgt poo.


This image has just had filters added to a photo and should not count

6 years ago

Etaew PC-EU 6 years ago

That note has already been made.

Sgt poo. 6 years ago

Didn't realise till after I posted it

Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

Thanks for entering the art contest, however this won't be eligible due to it just being a Defiance image and a filter

6 years ago

Deaamiix 6 years ago

I did not know anything about your rules, can I use Photoshop to make a picture ?

Etaew PC-EU 6 years ago

You cannot use photoshop to manipulate images that exist already, you can use photoshop to modify your own created image. It is an art contest, not a photoshop contest, all work must be your own.



6 years ago


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