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Powertech Lock Box from the Defiance Store

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Promotion code for Defiance 2050 Launch




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I think it's for pc only? I never got a choice of what platform i wanted to redeem it on.

6 years ago

Azael 6 years ago

I get in PS4 so not only pc

Darkahn 6 years ago

Like it let you choose to redeem it for ps4? It never gave me a choice, says it was for pc. I'm not doubting you or anything, just wondering why i never got a choice of platform i wanted it on.

Etaew PC-EU 6 years ago

The way trion code redeems work is that they apply to the first Defiance account you log in after you redeem it.

Darkahn 6 years ago

I looked into it more and figured out the problem, thank you though.


Thanks defiancedata I luv u

6 years ago


Why does the male one look so stupid?

6 years ago


yeah i got it 2 days ago

6 years ago

Selmaboy PS3-NA

Is this for console to 

6 years ago

xXDEATHXx 6 years ago

Non I don't think so I entered the on the site it said it was for PC even tho I think outfit skins should be cross platform

Etaew PC-EU 6 years ago

The giveaway is for all platforms in Defiance 2050


Is this for xbox one as well

6 years ago

Gulac PC-NA

Hi Etaew I tried to redeem the code forthis but it says the item has already been redeemed and this is the first time i tried it.

6 years ago

theenglander 6 years ago

it says that if you look at redeemed codes on account below the redeem code box it will show its benn redeemed by you, and its for all platforms got mine today 3-5 days after entering code.