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Defiance Classic

Purchasable at the Tarr Family Vendor during the Christmas Event 2014

Defiance 2050


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Any chance of a live stream today? 7thkey 4 years ago
Defiance (D13) Patch - Solstice Strike December 17, 2018 Tidbitz 4 years ago
Defiance 2050 Patch - Solstice Strike December 17, 2018 Tidbitz 4 years ago
Make shields/grenades available at all faction vendors please Kirbyy 4 years ago
Black Friday 2018 Patch - November 21, 2018 The one 4 years ago
add pullers from daily/weekly rewards Lamar Kendrick 4 years ago
Thanks for the warning TwistedEvil 4 years ago
Trading DentalGang 4 years ago
Thorn Liro vendor c_e_r_u_l_e_a_n 4 years ago
Contracts still broken BazzaLFC 4 years ago
It would be nice if CC weren't required for green mods... Slevin424 4 years ago
Clan sub-forum Treasurekins 4 years ago


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