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Buried in Paydirt

Buried in Paydirt is a Daily contract from Soleptor Enterprises.


Collect 20 helmets from Dark Matter forces in major ruins

Daily contract is worth 10 reputation points.

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Showing the locals my distaste for Dark Matter will significantly help my business. Collect some Dark Matter helmets for me to show off around the store fronts.


Kill 20 Dark Matter forces at:



Dark Matter Enforcer

Dark Matter Sniper

Dark Matter Monitor

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Buried in Paydirt - Contract

Added Alamo Park to this list as another good place to do the contract.

Etaew - 12 months ago

Buried in Paydirt - Contract

Sutro Tower is slightly easier if you're a good sniper; it's a lot more open. Downtown has too many buildings and walls to get clean shots. (although I guess if you like shotguns, the close quarters are better for you)

ceoiii1117 - 12 months ago

Buried in Paydirt - Contract

Correction:   These dont drop from the Dark Harvest.    I went to Downtown in San Fran.  You can see it on the map as it looks like a set of buildings.   You can easily get all 20 here in 10 minutes of doing the local quest to find some Dark Matter leader.

IonoNuffin - 1 year ago

Buried in Paydirt - Contract

You can kill enemies at Sutro Tower 

Etaew - 1 year ago

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