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Rust, Rocks, and Profit

Rust, Rocks, and Profit is a Daily contract from Soleptor Enterprises.


Collect 20 mineral pouches from Mattocks at mines

Daily contract is worth 10 reputation points.

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The 99ers keep the most precious minerals they find on their persons. They're way too insane to ever negotiate a sale, so retrieve some of those minerals for me.


Kill 20 99er Mad Mattocks and Elite 99er Mad Mattocks



99er Mad Mattock

Elite 99er Mad Mattock

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Rust, Rocks, and Profit - Contract

Confirmed you can get this and Von Bach Industries: Longevity Connumdrum done quickly when doing The Motherlode Co-Op.

kenneth.ashworth13 - 11 months ago

Rust, Rocks, and Profit - Contract

can also be complete doing The Motherlode Co op map

maxspd150 - 12 months ago

Rust, Rocks, and Profit - Contract

Kill 99er Mad Mattocks and Elite 99er Mad Mattocks in the 99er operated mines in Marin. You can go to Towers Quarry,  Union Depot, Mill Valley Mines, Mine 99, Mine 98 and Big Stone Reach.

Etaew - 1 year ago

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