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My Name is Ara

My Name is Ara is of type Data Recorder. It is required for the pursuit The Truth Behind Tranquility. It is found at Serenity Academy, Mount Tam.


The data recorder is found in a ruined building by the main gate on the second floor near a burning barrel.


Tranquility Education Recording


My name is Ara and I'm nine years old. My report is on the Votanis Collective.

The Votanis Collective is an inter-species goverment formed by the five races of the Votanis System: Irathient, Indogene, Sensoth, Liberata and Castithan, like me.

The Votanis System was located in what Humans call the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way galaxy. It had two suns named Sulos and Vysu.

When something big collided with Sulos, these proud races formed the V.C. and worked together to build arks and escape their star system before it would be destroyed forever.

Now we Votans live on this planet called Earth. We are very happy to be here and to meet our new Human friends.

Someday, it is my dream to be a politician and part of the Votanis Collective. The end.

Are there any questions?

No? Thank you.

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My Name is Ara - Data Recorder

Ruined building by main gate on the second floor near a burning barrel

rog777 - 11 months ago

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