Challenger Giveaway (May Part 2)

Part 2 of our May giveaway of  Dodge Challenger RT Furious Fuchsia Pearlcoat White Stripe vehicles.

These codes expire June 30, 2017.



May 15, 2017, 3:00 pm UTC

1 week ago


May 31, 2017, 3:00 pm UTC

1 week from now


Giveaway Open

This giveaway has opened, the rewards will be drawn 1 week from now


Reward: 20 Dodge Challenger RT Furious Fuchsia Pearlcoat White Stripe.


Signups: 132

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Dragan (PS3-NA)

how do you sign up for this

18 hours ago

Etaew (PC-EU) 18 hours ago

See the Enter Draw section?

Dragan (PS3-NA) 18 hours ago

Yes.  Had to regi my email first. Thanks for the help.

Drakroth ()

Hoping for the car *Crosses Fingers* :-) good luck

22 hours ago

DimensionW ()

:!) i Win

1 day ago

Commissar Fox (PS3-NA)

Best wishes

2 days ago

Rebekah Starks (PC-NA)

Good luck everyone ! **fingers crossed** :P

2 days ago

DanielWelsh (PS3-NA)

Hope I win

3 days ago

Praetoriax ()

Purple suit, purple blade, purple hair, purple lips, purple eyes....... I GOTTE HAVE THIS PURPLE CAR. You to go with my.... shoes.

3 days ago

soriall (PC-EU)

Good luck guys =) bonne chance

4 days ago

Ocyriss (PC-NA)

Good luck all!!

4 days ago

Raziel (PC-EU)

good luck to all and me !!

5 days ago

Passe (XBOX360-EU)

Good luck ppl. Ohh and there are plenty people who like to use Dunis and quad bikes.. Could you do a giveaway of those sometimes too.. Not everyone use these cars..

5 days ago

Jhon Smith (PS3-NA)


5 days ago

vulcain666 (PS3-EU)

je ve cette voiture

6 days ago

Carl_knight01 (PS3-NA)


6 days ago

Ocelot _Paws (PS3-NA)

Good luck 

7 days ago

Gaming Mama (PS3-NA)

Good luck to all! Gosh, I hope I win this time. **fingers crossed**

7 days ago

Djblue24 (PS3-NA)

Good luck

7 days ago

Dantevr73 (PS3-NA)


1 week ago

JoserRamirez (PS3-NA)


1 week ago