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Episode: The Manhunt

Episode: The Manhunt Comments (0) Images (6)

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Launched June 17

New episode content was released Monday, June 17, 2013.

Wanted posts offering a reward for information on Nolan and Echelon Mercenaries are seen questioning residents at the following locations:

  • Iron Demon Ranch
  • Shondu's Consulate
  • The Crater
  • Muir Processing Plant
  • Top Notch Toolworks
  • Headlands Transit Depot

Wanted Poster

Echelon Mercenaries


Female Echelon

  • There's a guy named Nolan heisted some valuables from our client, we'd appreciate any help finding him, talking financial appreciation.
  • The guy we're after is Joshua Nolan, big guy, frequents bars and cantinas, travels with a feisty Irath girl.
  • There's good money offered for any information that leads to the capture of Joshua Nolan and his companion Irisa.

Male Echelon

  • Hey you, have you seen an ark hunter named Nolan? Has an Irathient side-kick, there's something our client would like to discuss with him.
  • We're looking for a human, adult white male, he's one of The Defiant Few. Travels with an Irathient called Irisa. I wanna get to him before any other merc does.
  • Our client is offering a substantial reward for information leading to the recovery of his property.


Episode Missions

  • The Manhunt, Part 1
  • The Manhunt, Part 2
  • The Manhunt, Part 3

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Etaew is the creator of the Defiance Data site. He used to blog occasionally, and is a MMO addict. He plays Defiance on the EU / PC servers in the Blood Oath Brotherhood clan.

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