Sack Scrapworks

Sack Scrapworks is a pursuit in the section of Season One and category of Co-op Maps


The old Scrapworks salvage yard has remained silent since the terraforming of San Francisco, but a series of recent nearby arkfalls has created a stir.


  • Locate all of the data recorders
  • Reach the Arkfall meteorite in under 15 minutes
  • Enter the squatter's hidden shack
  • Complete the final event without dying
  • Complete Scrapworks Salvage




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Etaew - 3 years ago

Added a map, but I don't remember exactly.

carmody.john - 3 years ago

when the core stops for the second time it should be in an area with containers one of them leads down to the shack and there is a data recorder there aswell on the table 

taig71 - 3 years ago

Anyone know where the hidden shack is located?


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