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Sack Scrapworks Pursuit ( Season One: Co-op Maps )

Sack Scrapworks is a pursuit in the section of Season One and category of Co-op Maps

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The old Scrapworks salvage yard has remained silent since the terraforming of San Francisco, but a series of recent nearby arkfalls has created a stir.


  • Locate all of the data recorders
  • Reach the Arkfall meteorite in under 15 minutes
  • Enter the squatter's hidden shack
  • Complete the final event without dying
  • Complete Scrapworks Salvage


  • 15 (EGO Rating)x
  • Junkyard Dog (Title)x
  • EMC Heavy Trooper (Headgear)x
  • EMC Heavy Trooper (Outfit)x



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Etaew (PC-EU) - Site Admin

Added a map, but I don't remember exactly.

4 years ago

carmody.john ()

when the core stops for the second time it should be in an area with containers one of them leads down to the shack and there is a data recorder there aswell on the table 

4 years ago

taig71 ()

Anyone know where the hidden shack is located?


4 years ago