Parts Unknown Contracts ( Top-Notch Toolworks - Daily)

This contract is for Defiance Classic.

This contract is flagged as Inactive and may not appear in the daily and weekly rotations.

The 99ers stole a shipment of parts from me. Who knows what they did with the gear, but this shtako was expensive, so I'd like to get it back.


Collect 20 parts kits from 99ers in Marin




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    To complete this super easy just do the Rampage: Minigun Mayhem

    11 years ago

    Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

    Kill 99ers in Marin, good places to go are Towers Quarry, Union Depot, Mill Valley Mines, Big Stone Reach, Mine 99, Mine 98, Bolinas Smeltery and Port Stinson.

    11 years ago