Engineer at the Gates Contracts ( Top-Notch Toolworks - Weekly)

This contract is for Defiance Classic.

This contract is flagged as Inactive and may not appear in the daily and weekly rotations.

Some ark hunter stopped by for a Runner repair, and she was telling me that a bunch of the biomen in Mount Tam are carrying code fragments to an EMC armory. It would be huge if you could get those code fragments for me.


Collect 25 key codes from grenadiers or minigunners in Mount Tam


Completing the Mutant Grenadier emergencies should reward 3 per encounter.

You can also get one from completing Sniper Ridge mission, and some towards the end of Rampage: Draw the Line.


You can get 3 Biomen Mutants during Mutant Grenadier emergencies. Potential spawn locations are shown below.


Thanks to XoMxcted for the video.



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    Confirmed: Rampage Draw the line the fastest way!. its a 2 min rampage 2k xp as most are and the only way i could get to silver or gold was to keep my back to the door to the right of where you start or crouch and keep next to the rock to the right so the line of site forces them to come to you, im not a good player so i had to find a system that worked Good Luck!!

    11 years ago

    Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

    Interesting enough, this contract was the same last week, but when contracts reset and we got this again it didn't wipe my progress.

    11 years ago

    for the urgent mission Sniper Ridge, you must destroy the crates and the boss will appear, kill him and all mutants in the area, once the mission is over, teleport to the nearest point (the top of Mount Tam), rinse and repeat (30-45min with two players)

    11 years ago

    Nice Neuro6886 - However, i would like to add smt...

    There alle the mutants that you can kill in the time given, they keep spawning when at last wave...

    For those, including myself, that have a hard time finding the quest, its the one called;

    "Rampage: Draw the Line"

    11 years ago

    I did the same thing Neuro6886, this go much faster

    11 years ago

    Another farming spot in Mount Tam is the Sniper Ridge mission right at the start of the game. Only one Grenadier per run but it is a quick and easy mission.

    11 years ago

    Mutant District (which is in San Francisco, not Mount Tam) is not a viable farming spot for this particular contract. The fastest way to do this is to repeat the Rampage "Draw the Line". If you do well enough to score a gold medal, you'll be able to kill 3 - 6 Mutant Minigunners. 

    11 years ago

    Best way is to do this is to do open world hostage rescue missions. There are 2 missions very near the Rampage "Draw the line", on the plateau and opposite down the street where at the end of the stage 3 of the mobs you need spawn. Did 25 in 1 hour. Hope its helps.

    11 years ago

    Go to the Mutant district and clear out each little neighborhood of houses and afterwards you will have the Big Blue dudes spawn at each one and you can just keep going in a circle clearing it out getting kills.

    11 years ago

    Best way I have found so far is to do the Rampage: Draw the Line in the plaza at Mount Tam. You get 3-4 towards the end of the rampage.

    11 years ago