Yuke Liro Arena Contracts ( Thorn Liro - Daily)

This contract is for Defiance Classic.

The Yuke, or "worker", Liro must be overthrown. To be free of oppression the workers must learn to trust their own strength.
Complete the Yuke Liro arena
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    Broken Daily's! nate van 3 years ago
    Help! The Yuke Liro Arena doesn't give out rewards for bronze!! frenchdavid50 6 years ago



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    Seemed to have missed the startbar on this one too. Image 932 needs to be zapped.

    7 years ago

    Added shot of Elite Hellbug Archer & Golden Skitterling.

    7 years ago

    NOTE - I'm absolutely not an expert on these. The best source I found for beginning tactics on these so far s x3kingsheat136x's "Arena hints tips and tricks?" thread in the official Defiance Forums. I've used that as a starting point for my tactics and evolved them to my tastes. If you're having trouble with these, check out the info there for tips. I still use his skill build with some different weapon sets based on the arena. IMO though, his VBI AR and Invader suuggestions are by far the best to start with. Something he doesn't mention tho (at least, the last time I read it), training up the weapon and its parent skill helps  substantially. Read his recommendations and season to taste.

    Part 2 of my disclaimer is the more obvious one - the info in this post is subject to change, mainly because I'm far from omnitient. See something new? See my info's completely bassackwards? Contribute!

    Note that the golden skitterling appears in every round in every arena.

    Here's some detail for: 
    Yuke Liro: Soldier Caste Arena

     Gold (score 22k)  10000XP  25 Thorn Liro rep 500 scrip
     Silver (score 15k)  7500XP  15 Thorn Liro rep 250 scrip
     Bronze (score 10k)  6000XP  10 Thorn Liro rep 200 scrip

    Round 1:

    99er Mad Mattock
    99er Smelter

    Round 2:

    99er Mad Mattock
    99er Drone
    99er Goldrusher (these count for the VBI daily contract Aegis Gambit)

    Round 3:

    Hellbug Skitterling
    Hellbug Warrior
    Hellbug Blast Pod

    Round 4:

    Hellbug Archer
    Elite Hellbug Archer
    Elite 99er Mad Mattock

    Round 5:

    Hellbug Blast Pod
    99er Mad Mattock
    Elite 99er Mad Mattock
    99er Goldrusher (these count for the VBI daily contract Aegis Gambit)
    Elite 99er Goldrusher (these count for the VBI daily contract Aegis Gambit)
    99er Blacklung

    7 years ago