Scavenger Hunt Contracts ( Von Bach Industries - Daily)

This contract is for Defiance Classic.

This contract is flagged as Inactive and may not appear in the daily and weekly rotations.

The Raiders steal their weapons from all over the frontier. If you can acquire some of them, our researchers may be able to locate hidden stashes of Pale Wars weapons.


Collect 20 weapon parts from Raiders on Docks


Kill 20 Raiders on Docks

Pirates Cove
Horseshoe Bay


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    I usually use Murder Island for this. Only because you can use a small hill to the right of the dock entrance and snipe at the raiders. This helps up my sniper skill, and the mission doesn't take too long to regen. Only drawback is there's sometimes a Volge Emergency just up the road that can cause problems, if you're not stealthy enough in your approach to the dock.

    9 years ago

    Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

    Improved the picture for this :)

    10 years ago

    I will use Horseshoe Bay since I don't see Pirates Cove in the map picture. Thanks for putting together this awesome website. Those fools at TRION should hire you to make their site more useful like this one.

    10 years ago

    Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

    Thanks for the tip, I have added the location to the description at the top and updated the map.

    10 years ago

    My preference for this is Horseshoe Bay.   If you fast travel to Bug n chug on the East coast.   Drive north and you'll find the docks on your right hand side very soon.    Loads of Raiders for a very fast 20 kills.


    10 years ago