Hunter Requisition Currency

Hunter Requisitions allow you to enter Expeditions. There is no limit on how much you can carry.


February 19, 2015|

A Preview about Hunter Requisitions, how to obtain them and how to spend them

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Obtained by

  • For Patron Pass Holders: Daily Arkhunter Reward
  • Non-PP Holders: Weekly Ark Hunter Reward
  • Bit Store


Used for

  • Entering Expeditions
  • Reviving yourself again in Expeditions if your self-revive hasn't recharged yet
  • Starting Private Arkbreak Instances
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The first Expedition I did, I got incapacitated, revived myself and immediately got incapacitated again, then revived myself for a second time just to be incapacitated again (using my last hunter requisition token) and was forced to quit. I don't know if that was a glitch or intended. Also when I'm asked if I wanna buy bits, it says it'll cost me $400, for 400 bits. Some pretty crazy stuff going on.

9 years ago