Gut Check

Gut Check is of type Data Recorder. It is required for the pursuit The Truth Behind Tranquility. It is found at Muir Gate, Mount Tam.

Supplemental Data of Captain Noah Grant
This is Captain Noah Grant of the 2nd Republic Ranger Battalion, Group A, Black Hawks. This is supplemental data to the stratocarrier New Freedom's flight recorder. I will preface this message by stating that I am a career military man, and my sole duty in life is to serve the Earth Republic. I do so by following whatever orders come down the pipe. Lately I'm starting to wonder though. We've just been assigned to escort an individual who's not exactly the most well-liked in the universe. I don't put much stock into popularity contests, but I'm having difficulty swallowing a directive to escort a civilian way the hell out west for reasons unbeknownst to me. I'm not a fan of that cloak and dagger stuff. The E-Rep is seen as a human force, no matter how many non-Humans we enlist. Most Votans see us as an unfriendly. It won't be viewed as an olive branch when we creep into a free territory with no prior notification. I take great pride serving the Earth Republic, but an old soldier like me gets a twist in the gut every now and then. This is one of those pangs. End transmission.

It is found at Muir Gate, Mount Tam.

The recorder is on the right just inside the collapsed tunnel entrance behind the truck.

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North-west of Tranquility Road fast travel point the road continues to a collapsed tunnel. There is a truck at the entrance to the tunnel, behind the truck amongst the rubble is the data recorder.

11 years ago