Ark Hunters, we have an incoming hot fix and extended maintenance during our nightly server restarts today for about 60-90 minutes.

Check server downtime for your region here:
8/9/18 EU: 8:00PM PT
8/10/18 NA: 2:00AM PT

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Defiance Ultimate Founders Pack (PC ONLY) Giveaways

Thanks to Trion we are giving away 5 Ultimate Founders Packs for PC ONLY. Additionally thanks to Ikyraja who has provided an additional pack code.

This giveaway will end 1 day before the 3-day head start, so if you don't win you can still get in on the action by buying a pack.

This pack offers:

  • 3-day Head Start
  • $50 worth of Bits
  • Assault Class + Outfit
  • Assassin Class + Outfit
  • Guardian Class + Outfit
  • Combat Medic Class + Outfit
  • Demolitionist Class + Outfit
  • Exclusive Demolitionist Outfit Tint
  • 30 Inventory Slots
  • TMW Hannibal 800R ATV
  • 30-day XP Boost
  • “Classy” Title
  • “Demolitionist” Title
  • “Opportunist” Title

Giveaway Finished

The giveaway has finished and 6 rewards have been distributed.


Reward: 6 Defiance 2050 Ultimate Founders Pack.


Signups: 104


  • kranbalkiz () - Defiance 2050 Ultimate Founders Pack (PC ONLY)
  • O1dGamer (PC-EU) - Defiance 2050 Ultimate Founders Pack (PC ONLY)
  • RaVe Veteran () - Defiance 2050 Ultimate Founders Pack (PC ONLY)
  • Kayla () - Defiance 2050 Ultimate Founders Pack (PC ONLY)
  • TautvydasŠarauskas (PC-NA) - Defiance 2050 Ultimate Founders Pack (PC ONLY)
  • Fevix () - Defiance 2050 Ultimate Founders Pack (PC ONLY)


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Hypercapsule ()

Good luck y'all. Have fun in 2050 :D

1 month ago

WobBLingGHoSt (PC-EU)

Good luck, Ark Hunters!

1 month ago

Shadow19081977 (PC-EU)

Good to all, guyz!!!

1 month ago

RabidSasquatch ()

Good luck to all Ark Hunters

1 month ago

Lockit ()

Good luck ark hunters!

1 month ago

Peponi ()

Good luck everyone =^_^=

1 month ago

Charles Castlewall ()

Best of luck, peeps!

1 month ago

dmc152002 (PS3-NA)

Good luck everyone!

1 month ago

Drakman (PC-EU)

Good Luck !

2 months ago

Aniol (PC-EU)

Good luck!

2 months ago

Infinity ()

Good luck to all :)

2 months ago

Dume ()

I hope everyone who wants to play this game really bad gets lucky. I don't care about the rewards, just for the headstart - I want to start playing ASAP.

2 months ago

Cat (PC-NA)

Good luck everyone!

2 months ago

latorche01 (PC-EU)

Good luck!!!

2 months ago

X2Deaf2HearX (XBOX360-NA)

Good Lucc To All Who Joined

2 months ago

drikpic (PC-NA)

Good luck everyone

2 months ago