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Defiance 2050 - Ark Alliance Terranaut Giveaway Giveaways


Thanks to Trion we are giving away 20x Ark Alliance Terranaut and Ark Alliance Terranaut sets. Enter this giveaway for a chance to receive one after the draw.

Codes will be distributed through Defiance Data Mail and will expire August 31, 2018.


Giveaway Finished

The giveaway has finished and 20 rewards have been distributed.


Reward: 20 Ark Alliance Terranaut Outfit and Headgear.


Signups: 713


  • Lovo () - Ark Alliance Terranaut
  • Satana Jaxx () - Ark Alliance Terranaut
  • Cookie () - Ark Alliance Terranaut
  • Fae () - Ark Alliance Terranaut
  • Hal kun2 () - Ark Alliance Terranaut
  • COPPER FALCON () - Ark Alliance Terranaut
  • Toriax (PC-NA) - Ark Alliance Terranaut
  • maromel (PC-EU) - Ark Alliance Terranaut
  • Alici () - Ark Alliance Terranaut
  • Tyson275 () - Ark Alliance Terranaut
  • Church () - Ark Alliance Terranaut
  • Chytrex (XBOX360-EU) - Ark Alliance Terranaut
  • Maggot () - Ark Alliance Terranaut
  • ReservoirShugo () - Ark Alliance Terranaut
  • o CKY o () - Ark Alliance Terranaut
  • RushNCover (PS3-NA) - Ark Alliance Terranaut
  • Binro () - Ark Alliance Terranaut
  • xCABOO5E () - Ark Alliance Terranaut
  • Lux Energon (PC-EU) - Ark Alliance Terranaut
  • Shi () - Ark Alliance Terranaut


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Matthew sprinkle (PS3-NA)

Try get outfit on ps4 I Got it on ps3 

3 weeks ago

Solpandora ()

wait did  it not sign me up? i want to confim is there a way to confirm it accepted my entry last week?


3 weeks ago

Cookie ()

Yay my first giveaway 

Big thank ddata

4 weeks ago

Tuxedo ()

Is the activity still in progress?

4 weeks ago

Boi.KS ()

Goodluck to ALL!


4 weeks ago

deitric424 ()

gl to all who entered, would be nice to get this stunning outfit

4 weeks ago

Winter Rose ()

Would be neat to win this thingy but if I don’t... ehh.

4 weeks ago

Twinkletoes ()

Meh gl everyone?

4 weeks ago

carpexnoctem (PC-NA)

I cannot redeem the Stratotech outfit because it says the code is invalid, so maybe I can win this

4 weeks ago

Doc Morbid ()

I'm on PS4, but I didn't see that as an option to pick when I entered the draw. So, how will I get this outfit ? (assuming I win one, of course)

4 weeks ago

xXDEATHXx () 4 weeks ago

It does have an option for ps4 lol

Whiteknight019 ()

Not getting any keycodes from arkfalls. Also not seeing any lockbox vendors at any fast travel point in 2050. Also it sucks that even though it said my challengers would transfer, mine have not... but its whatever at this point.

4 weeks ago

Etaew (PC-EU) 4 weeks ago

Gain Ark Keys by completing missions, or contracts at level 50. Use them at the end of Arkfalls on the new crate that appears to collect your reward.

Killerbkilled ()

Not getting the ark crates for volge gear from major ark fall... weapon attachments don't effect overall firepower... no weapon magazines actually give u extra ammo but give u recoil instead?

4 weeks ago

Killerbkilled () 4 weeks ago

Also I don't understand why I haven't heard of a orange weapon that's not a proto I want to be able to put my own attachment on my orange... also when u get loot at the end of an ark fall why does it show up bottom left corner barely noticeable on 360 the items u receive showed up big in middle top screen... also was wondering when I re crafted my proto ar e rep it re crafted way lower than my gear score which cost 50 core and was not worth it... other than that and maybe a few other things I love this game I was lvl 5k something on 360 and will max level this one please bring back trade and all the orange gear and weapons I don't just want to grind for purples that will be useless once I can get all types of orange for every gun 

Nukoo Galen ()

Glad the game is back hope they intend on making more of the game the hole idea behind the TV show game and music was awesome it should have never left not sure why it did 

4 weeks ago

ILegion6 ()

Hope i when. But on another note, is the servers down? i cant login on ps4:(

4 weeks ago

Cookie () 4 weeks ago

Now it working 

Grant Olsen ()

I played the original game on XBOX360 and loved it! I now play on the PS4 and it is still the best so glad you brought it back!!!

4 weeks ago

Lügenlord ()

Fjüüüür !

4 weeks ago

Emberlynn ()

Hope i win i never win these things :(

4 weeks ago

ArkHunter793 ()

Getting back into this game. Loved the show and the game promotions. Didnt have the best PC back then so this was like the only game I played. (Apart from a bit of TF2 every once in a while). Nice to see they rebooted it, heard a lot of people say there were no major changes, which did upset me a bit, but its nice to see they improved the visual quality and made it more, well, modern. I love the skill tree changes as well, makes me feel like I am working towards something a bit newer. The feeling of playing the game fresh truly does take me back to late 2013

4 weeks ago

Fanoman ()

Welp i hope i choose the right server because i dont know how in what server i am :P


4 weeks ago

Fanoman () 4 weeks ago

Jesus... i meant i dont know how to or where to see that.. im very sleepy :s

Dani ()

I actually owned that outfit on ps3 defiance 

4 weeks ago

Blackburn ()

Outfit looks cool 

4 weeks ago

ebnomar ()

Many thanks For these Gifts :) please Add me

4 weeks ago

Kill ()

Thats cool you guys are giving away gifts, add me when you get a chance!

1 month ago

Aguacates ()

no Xobx 1 Server?


1 month ago

Etaew (PC-EU) 1 month ago

That was an oversight, the server selection wouldn't matter too much for this giveaway but I have added it.

Daurius Greywind ()

free stuff? i like free stuff....

1 month ago

Siri ()

Thank's for giveaway ^_^

1 month ago

Peponi ()

Why never a female pic? :( 

1 month ago

Etaew (PC-EU) 1 month ago

My character isn't female, but it's something I can look at tracking down.

Etaew (PC-EU) 1 month ago

Update, looks like we have a full set of pics, including one for every race and gender combination if you follow the link to the item ;)

Curandero ()

Thats that.

1 month ago

Matthew sprinkle (PS3-NA) 3 weeks ago

Try get that 

Acid_Rage (PS3-NA)

I'm a cactus.. this will protect my needles

1 month ago

173D ()

I'm old....I need stuff

1 month ago

PoisonWithIn ()

Thank you Devs for an awesome game. Holding my thumbs for one of these codes, hope i'm lucky enough;)

1 month ago