Grenades are a special weapon which can be thrown by pressing G. Grenades are armed by their first bounce. After being armed, they wait their lifetime and detonate. Different types of grenades have different effects when they detonate, and not all cause immediate damage. When you run out of grenades more can be found on vendors or dropped from enemies.

Grenade Types

Name Description

Bio Grenade

Leaves a pool of biological compounds that snare anyone moving through it for a short period

Cluster Grenade

Sends out small bomblets that each detonate, damaging anyone nearby

Flashbang Grenade

Explodes, temporarily blinding and electrocuting anyone within a short distance

Frag Grenade

Sends out shrapnel to damage anyone nearby

Hatchling Grenade

Hatchling hellbugs are summoned for a short period of time to attack nearby enemies

Pyro Grenade

Explodes, setting anyone nearby on fire for a short period

Shrill Grenade

Dirty bomb releases shrapnel and resilient Shrill larvae. The blast deals moderate damage and the Shrill create openings in the armor of anyone who enters the area.


  • Uncommon versions of Grenades can be found on Supplies Vendors for a small Scrip cost.
  • Rare, Epic and Legendary versions of Grenades can be found from lockboxes, events, co-op maps or vendor specials.


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