Diablo Lighthouse Location

Diablo Lighthouse is a location found in Sausalito.


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Or maybe IGN knew something we didn't! Enter the Thorn Liro......if you dare! *dramatic music sting*

11 years ago


Yeah, IGN. So it's possible it's entirely BS.

11 years ago

What is the source of that text? Intel?


11 years ago

"When the Raiders invaded the hills and shores of Sausalito, they immediately went after control of the old abandoned Diablo Lighthouse. From there they could oversee the main shipping lane leading into the Bay Area, giving them the opportunity to signal their small raiding parties should any transport or cargo boat get sighted. Historians would like to retake the lighthouse as it was the point from which the Castithan rebel journalist Surizu Dilo witnessed the terraform blast that ended the Battle of Defiance, inspiring him to write the unification anthem, “Light of Defiance.”"

Doesn't seem to be anything there. Just a historical marker.

11 years ago