Hey Ark hunters,

NA and EU PS4, Xbox One, and PC Defiance 2050 servers will be unavailable for a scheduled daily restart at 2:00 AM PT (For NA) and 3:00 AM GMT (For EU). The estimated downtime for each maintenance is one hour. In-game messaging will be broadcast in advance of the downtime.

Thanks for playing!

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Greetings Ark Hunters,

Defiance 2050 is coming offline on Thursday, February 21 at 10AM PST (6PM UTC) for maintenance and a server only hotfix.

Downtime should take approximately 2 hours, but we'll bring each platform/region back online as they finish.


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Mount Tam Maps (Open World)

Mount Tam is an eerie, terraformed landscape where mutants infest the ruins of a defunct inter-species community once called Tranquility.

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