Island of Lost Soldiers Maps (Co-op)

Cass is contracting some ark hunters to uncover what happened to the E-Rep recon team sent to the long-abandoned EMC facility on Angel Island.

Requires: EGO Rating 150

Points of Interest



Thanks to mesoempty for this video.


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The Matron needs to be redclassified as junior nurse, seems shes been demoted and has so little health you can now simply DPS her down before bug warriors become annoying

11 years ago

Rust Jobs is machinist guys, they prefer to be called humanity impaired.

11 years ago


give the rust jobs a reason to be there.


the island is covered in gulanite I suspect the 99ers are after that.



11 years ago

Found something useful. During the fight with the Matron at the end if you kill 3 of the Elite Hellbug Warriors but leave one alive they do not respawn, 1 is a minor nuisance getting chased by 4 is a pain in the backside! 

11 years ago

It's all the blast pods. You're walking along, suddenly you're nuts deep in an artillery barrage.

Know what would be an interesting contract? "Kill 10 99ers on Angel Island". Wouldn't be difficult with group credit back, plus it'd give the rust jobs a reason to be there.

11 years ago

Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

This map is easily the most difficult to navigate :)

11 years ago