Commandeer Cronkhite Maps (Co-op)

The Raiders are embedded in Cronkhite Bunker, an abandoned EMC bunker and armory. They cannot be allowed access to the dangerous weapons inside. Work with Torc to break their hold of the bunker.

Requires: EGO Rating 500 or Main Mission "Seize the Day, Control the Future"

Points of Interest



Thanks to mesoempty for this video.

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Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

I've added numbers to the markers, will probably now list them all on the right as well. What I really need is some new icons to use, it's very samey.

11 years ago

This is really good. Adding the numbers to the data records would be helpful but if we add a marker for the instance entrance it would already help who is viewing the map to figure out the order since most instances are very linear.

11 years ago

Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions.

Displaying an image for the data recorder wouldn't be impossible, but it would be difficult to decide how to show the recorder in a small enough image with enough detail to get across the location. I do allow them to be clickable which takes you to the full page.

I would like to indicate the order in which you traverse the instance, so I should preface them with numbers yeah.

11 years ago

is there a way to display an image of the data record when u mouse hover and since its part of the pursuit display turrent generators? i tell the clan to come here these days so gj

11 years ago

I love the markers! Thanks much! I wouldn't mind filters if time permits and we still had the "all" option. If I had a suggestion, it might be to number the descriptions to make it clearer if reversing oneself will be required. All else seems great but am admittedly newish.

11 years ago

Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

What do you guys think about the markers I've plotted on the map? I have done this co-op instance as a trial.

  • Should I have options to filter some of the markers?
  • Should I change icons?
  • Do I need to display them?
  • Should I display more?

11 years ago