This npc is part of the Dark Matter faction.


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Mayhem disaster PS4 NA Ryu Soba JP 3 years ago
Flyer AZRA2050 3 years ago
Dark matter Arkfalls in SF Ryu Soba JP 4 years ago
Kill the boss (!) Alahali 5 years ago
Warmaster Lore? Hit the Deck 5 years ago
Please buff the Warmaster! Hit the Deck 5 years ago
Bugs occuring more frequently than ever.... Nero ii 5 years ago
In a Major Arkfall PacificGypsy 6 years ago
Monolith ark fall difficulty HighTech 7 years ago
Special Snowflake Title Reward??? BaronFrosch 7 years ago
has anyone actually seen an event major? Cygnus 8 years ago
Game worse since update Savagekiller69 8 years ago
Enemies got a SUPER Buff!!!!!!!! edispilfnairb 8 years ago
SV Monolith issues WhiteStrike 8 years ago
Monolith death animation.... Mister Derpenhowser 8 years ago
DM Monolith bugged Hooz 8 years ago
Dark Matter Major Arkfall Failed. WTF??? Jet1337 8 years ago
Major Ark Boss Boost? Gai 8 years ago
Monolith...bug or working as intended? stefb42 8 years ago
Yay! finally more Monolith to kill AllGamer 8 years ago
Coincidence ? :D AllGamer 8 years ago
NOT fun, killing the monolith in a slide show is not fun AllGamer 8 years ago
2 1/2 minutes cmpowell 9 years ago
Monolith is dead. What next? Illyios 9 years ago
Monolith Fail on XBOX EU Tonight. Big Jack Shepard 9 years ago



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