Hot Fix 7/10/2018 - 7:45PM PT

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Downtime for all platforms and regions will start at 7:45PM PT on July 10, 2018 for approximately 30-45 minutes.

7/10 Patch Notes:
  • Adjusted server optimizations to attempt to fix server latency issues.
  • Fixed an issue not allowing multiple people to group together.
  • Resolved players not being able to get into the tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue with individual co-op instance portals not working.
  • Resolved issues with quest instances (Such as Delta Bunker West for Into the Depths and Dogtown Mine for Bullet for a Badman) loading forever or not loading.

8:30pm PT - Defiance 2050 servers are rolling back online Ark Hunters. We're still working on Xbox One NA, hopefully in 20-30 minutes.

9:00pm PT - Xbox NA is now coming back online, thanks for your patience!

9:33PM PT - PS4 EU players, expect a server restart in 5 minutes to help resolve some server related issues. You should be able to play again afterwards.

7/9 Patch Notes (not in this hot fix, but in case you missed from yesterday):
  • A fix has been implemented for loot related crashes at arkfalls. As a result, we are turning back on Ark Chests from arkfalls.
  • Restored missing NPC for Side Mission "Lost in Transit." Side mission is now completable.
  • Fixed the teleporter for Tarr Family: Hidden in Plain sight. You should now be able to enter the instance and finish the mission.
  • Fixed objectives for Pursuit - "Marin Exploration II." Player's will now receive credit for completing the listed side missions. We are working on a solution for players who have already completed any of the objectives previously.
  • Fixed PS4 NA critical error issue preventing some players to be unable to log in. Those affected players should now correctly receive Valor and account based transfers to their account. Please link your Trion account again if you had unlinked previously.

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