Update on Xbox 360 EU:

So, let me first explain a bit of what has been going on with our EU environments lately. We have been moving server hardware for our EU environments, for both Defiance and Defiance 2050. This is a careful and risk filled endeavor, and it takes quite a lot of time to do, hence the extended 6 hour + downtimes we have been posting.

We have already completed the move for Defiance 2050 hardware, and attempted to move the D13 hardware last week, but failed to do so and had to reschedule the move to today. Our D13 PC- EU and PS3- EU hardware has been successfully moved and those environments are back up and running with no issues (you may even notice more stability on those environments, after being moved).

For Xbox 360 EU we have run into an issue that is very unique, and unique to that environment only. Unfortunately, "unique" translates into we need more time. That being said, and we very much hate to do this, we will be keeping Xbox 360 - EU environment down and locked until we are able to implement the solution needed to get the environment back up and running correctly.

I do not have a time estimate, at this moment, as to when that will be, but I will be keeping you all regularly updated. Let me apologize profusely for any inconvenience this may cause our Xbox 360 - EU players and I promise I will keep you all updated as I get information in. Thank you all, once again and I wish you all happy hunting, Arhunters!

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Ark Hunters!

The time has come! The time for Event Horizon to begin!

But first, there will be a downtime of about 2 hours which will start at 10 AM PT (7 PM CST)

We will update you if we need more time or when we come back online earlier.

The Defiance Team

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Good evening, Arkhunters

We are aware of the issues with logging into Xbox 360-US/EU and are working on it now. We will update as soon as we have more information.

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Crusader Pack & Trouble in Paradise is Live!

October 15, 2018 | Etaew | Viewed 1,067 times | Blog,

Ark Hunters,

The Trouble in Paradise update for Defiance 2050 is live now for PC and PS4! Jump in game and bring the hammer down with the brand-new Crusader class, take on hordes of hellish Hulkers, collect new Prototype weapons, and much more!

Crusader Class Pack

This brutal brawler thrives on the frontlines of combat. Wield a massive two-handed hammer and an array of epic abilities. Some of these abilities are:

  • Hammer Time – Summons your hammer to take down enemies with pure brute force.
  • Blitz – Charge into the fight and leap through the air, stunning enemies caught at your point of impact for 2 seconds (in PvP this ability reduces movement speed by 50% rather than adding the stun).
  • Grit – Reduces damage taken when you fall below 25% vitality.
  • Vortex – Create a vortex that pulls enemies to your location making them easy prey for a hammer to the face.
  • Meteor Smash – Summons a meteor from overhead, crashes it down onto your enemies, exploding on impact, and knocks back mobs caught in the explosion.

Pick up the Crusader class when you purchase the Crusader Class Pack or the Ultimate Class Pack!

You can also unlock it by spending Arkhunter Commendations earned in game at the Commendations Quartermaster found at the Crater. Learn more about Commendations by checking out this post from our friends at Defiance Data.

Special Thank You Gifts

To show our thanks to all of you for being part of the Defiance 2050 community we’re also giving players 1,000 Valor and a Duni Shetarru Racer Orange/Black vehicle! We hope you enjoy this update and we’re excited for all of you to see what’s coming down the line.

Hulker Hell
Hulker Hell will hit the New Frontier starting on October 15. This hellish celebration of tricks and treats brings a special delivery of frights to Paradise until November 5. Dive into the fray and take down Hulker Hell Major and Minor arkfalls in a fight for gory glory!

These are rare and powerful new weapons for taking down enemies in the New Frontier.

Weapon Skins
Use all-new weapon skins to customize your favorite weapons with a whole new look!

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