DLC 3 Title and Backstory Announced

January 7, 2014 | Etaew | Viewed 3,577 times | DLC 3,

Trion have revealed the title, snippit of backstory and the release month for their third DLC titled the 7th Legion on their community blog.

When the world fell apart, one group kept their courage. Guided by the teachings of the Code of Bushido, the soldiers of the 7th Legion marched across Canada gathering survivors as they went. From one outpost to another they marched until finally they found a city which did not fall: Manhattan. There, they made their stand against the darkness, and Commander Yoshida Hiro called an end to their long journey. Now they have come to Paradise. What dread news could this herald?

DLC 3 - the 7th Legion will arrive February 2014.

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And now? You let an enemy get that close to you, you've royally screwed up somewhere.

10 years ago

Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

They used them a lot when they could bug them for large DPS :p

10 years ago

Samurai themed DLC? Maybe an actual use for our swords? (Does anyone use those swords?)

10 years ago