Black Friday 2018 Patch - November 21, 2018

November 20, 2018 | Etaew | Viewed 1,993 times | Patch,

Black Friday Update Patch notes:

Black Friday Bargain Box is now available in the Store
  • Limited time Bargain box (Available 11/21/2018-11/27/2018)
  • Has a chance to drop virtually any item found in game, including: Weapons, Mods, Shields, Ark Salvage, Currency, Etc.
  • Has a rare chance of dropping any of the 13 dropped Prototypes ( including the 2 new prototypes!)
  • Get the highest chance at legendary items anywhere, at an exclusive limited time low price!

New Pursuit - Tryptophan Ritual!
  • Put your enemies to sleep…permanently. Loot Turkey Remnants from Arkchests to build the “Poultromancer” prototype weapon!


Get up to 100% Boost to XP,Reputation, Skill, and Score while the event lasts (From 11/21/2018-11/27/2018)

New Prototypes!
  • Tempest – Assault Rifle with an extremely high rate of fire.
  • Goliath - Rocket Launcher that fires a single rocket which, on impact, launches a cluster of smaller, bouncy projectiles that detonate over a larger area.

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