Solstice Strike – December 17

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Greetings Ark Hunters,

Solstice Strike arrives in Defiance 2050 on December 17, 2018! Whether you’re naughty or nice, get ready to do battle with the Volge and hunt down the Abominable Warmaster in specially summoned Major Arkfalls!

This year-ending event brings new Arkfall rewards, Contracts, Pursuits, Prototypes and more! Take part in this epic event until January 7, 2019.

Solstice Strike Event
During the event we’re adding Festive Random Gear Chests to Solstice Strike arkfalls and upon arkbreak completion.

You can collect two new Prototype weapons from Solstice Strike Arkfalls and Arkbreaks:

  • Whiteout is an assault rifle that fires in 3 round bursts. Land all three rounds in a burst to launch an explosive snowball.
  • Hoarfrost is a high caliber pistol focused on precision shooting.  Precision kills trigger Icy Blast damaging nearby enemies.

We’ve also added a brand-new Pursuit, Snowblast Grenades, holiday-themed Contracts, daily rewards from Ara Shondu for helping take down the Vulge, and more!

Plus, you can celebrate the season of good cheer with limited time in-game store items:

Frost Bringer Pack

  • Abominable Warmaster” outfit with headgear
  • RM Renegade “Frostbringer” vehicle
  • “Frostbringer” title

Frosty Ammo Mod Collection

  • Embrace the winter chill with the complete collection of epic Frosty ammo mods. Each mod applies a snow blast effect when you fire!

Tinsel Ammo Mod Collection

  • Unleash holiday havoc with these seasonally appropriate mods to add a splash of good cheer visual effects to your attacks.

Solstice Strike will also be available in Defiance 2013 with a new Synergy, Cyber Rig Jackpot, and a huge batch of wares available from Py Numbra (found after clearing out select roadside emergencies).

Ring in the New Year with us in Defiance and Defiance 2050!

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