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Good afternoon, Arkhunters

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Defiance 2050 April PTS Update Patch Notes

April 12, 2019 | Etaew | Viewed 496 times | Patch,

Good afternoon, Arkhunters!

Thank you for participating in this round of PTS testing!

We will have the PTS servers open from now, until Monday, 4/15/2019. For all those that login and spend at least an hour playing, you will receive a special gift that will be sent out after this round of testing has been completed. The following changes have been made and are now live on the PTS server:

Engineer Class:

The Engineer Class is here! You can purchase this Class from the PTS Vendor, found at the beginning of the Tranquility Road area. Please note that this class is still a work in progress and does not reflect the final product that will be released (That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t report any bugs you find!).

Enhancement Overhaul:

We have made some changes to Enhancement that should make leveling your weapons faster, with a new system that is better balanced! Changes are as follows -

Removed EP cost/Salvage rarity tiers (every 1000 rating EP costs *10, salvage rarity increase).

Uncommon salvage now provides the baseline (at tier) amount of EP, regardless of a weapon’s power.

Reduced the amount of salvage required to enhance.

All weapons now dismantle for an amount of uncommon salvage.

Salvage rarity now provides more enhancement progress regardless of the weapon’s power.

EP Values for salvage:

Uncommon: 1000
Rare: 2500
Epic: 7500
Legendary: 30000

EP Values for Catalysts:

Uncommon: 5000
Rare: 12500
Epic: 37500
Legendary: 150000

Salvage rewards now have a chance to be higher rarity!

Existing salvage has been converted to Legacy Salvage, each worth 1000 EP.

Salvage type matching bonus reduced to 50% making them a boon rather than a requirement.


Our changes made to Scaling will ensure lower power Arkhunters are able to participate in activities that may have been too daunting in the past, without the help of some higher power friends. Be wary though, just because we made it more accessible, that does not mean you will not have to bring your A game! Changes are as follows -

Players will now have their power scaled up when much lower power than the enemies they are fighting, allowing them to participate (though at a disadvantage) anywhere in the world!

Increased the rate that enemy power increases throughout the world.

Enemies will now evolve as their power increases (visually and with new combat actions)!

Adjusted Damage Values for Specific NPCs:

Small changes that make encounters a tad more balanced. Changes are as follows -

99er mattock/GR-Jack Grenades (up)
99er mattock/GR-Jack melee (up)
99er mattock/GR-Jack bullet damage (up)
Grid Inquisitor leap (down)
Grid Inquisitor melee (down)
Raider Rioter shotgun blasts (down)

New Feature! Reforging:

Reforging is a powerful new feature that will allow you to unlock a weapon’s full potential! When you Reforge a weapon, the following actions will occur:

1. Reset the weapon’s enhancement points to zero
2. Permanently raise the weapon’s base item rating
3. Permanently raise the weapon’s bonus values
4. Reset the weapon’s enhancement rank to zero
5. Remove all spent ranks in enhancement bonuses

Please note: Reforging cannot raise a total base item rating beyond 5000.

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